“Education”: only 12% of tuition fees have been collected so far


Dr. Tarek Shawky, Minister of Education, said that what has been collected from tuition fees for all educational levels so far is estimated at only 12%.

He pointed out that the fees have not been increased since last year, and students who are unable to pay school fees have been completely exempted from payment.

Shawky added, during a telephone interview on the “Facts and Secrets” program broadcast on the “Echo Al-Balad” satellite channel, that the ministry needs 300,000 teachers to fill the deficit in schools.

He explained that the ministry is working to provide high quality learning resources in the educational system in order to dispense with private lessons.

The Minister of Education advised the students to watch our school and educational channels as an alternative to the inability of teachers in schools and private lessons.

The article “Education”: Only 12% of tuition fees collected so far was written in Al Borsa newspaper.