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Palestinian sources close to Muhammad Dahlan, the Palestinian leader who fled to the UAE, revealed that the Egyptian authorities rejected his recent attempts to move his group’s headquarters from Abu Dhabi to Cairo, after many of his close associates moved to Gaza recently, with the approval of Hamas.

Sources close to Dahlan, who refused to reveal her identity, said in press leaks that Dahlan had recently summoned those close to him to the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi, and for days he chaired meetings that discussed their political future, after postponing the parliamentary elections, through which Dahlan wanted to return to political participation, from During the “Future List”.

Cairo rejects Mohamed Dahlan

Those meetings that Cairo seemed to refuse to host, as in previous times, in addition to Dahlan’s close circle residing with him in Abu Tabbi, were attended by other leaders who were dismissed from Fatah movement on charges of “delinquency” residing in European countries, and they resided there after Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007, and another came from the Gaza Strip, while others were denied attendance, after Dahlan suspected that they had made contacts with leaders of Fatah movement in the West Bank, to return to the organization, according to the sources.

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He estimated the number of attendees at 30 Prime Time Zone, the most prominent of whom were, besides Dahlan Samir al-Mashrawi, his most prominent close associate in the UAE, and Ghassan Jadallah, as well as Majed Abu Shamala and Abu Omar al-Masri from Gaza, Sami Abu Samhadana, who came from Europe, and Mahmoud Issa “Al-Lino” from Lebanon.

A Palestinian family sheds the blood of Ghassan Jadallah

Dahlan and his group are shocked

The sources added that the meetings discussed the future of what is known in the Palestinian arena as “The Current,” which is called the “Dahlan Group,” including their organizational status in Gaza, to compete with the legitimate Fatah movement, and an attempt to polarize the street in their favor, after their recent retreat, following the positions of The UAE, which provides financial support to Dahlan, represented in “normalization” with all its methods and tools, with Israel.

In the Emirates, a mechanism has been set up to coordinate the leadership of field work, between those who were already in Gaza, and those who recently returned from Egypt to Gaza, after disputes over the powers that erupted between them recently, specifically during the period of preparation for the elections, as the returnees from Egypt considered that their coming to Gaza was one of the Yes, “helping the wheel,” while those in Gaza considered that the return of these Prime Time Zone was only for assistance.

It was noted in Gaza that the disagreement between the two teams appeared in the receptions organized for those who recently returned to Gaza, from Abu Dhabi and Egypt, where the returnees from Egypt did not enjoy that great reception organized for one of those close to Dahlan, Ghassan Jadallah, who came on a visit to the Strip coming From Abu Dhabi, although among the returnees from Egypt were officials who held security positions such as Rashid Abu Shbak and senior media figures before Hamas took control of Gaza.

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Activists in Dahlan’s group link the return of some returnees to Egypt to reside there, after staying in Gaza for some time, because they were uncomfortable working with the team formed there.

Rashid Abu Shubbak, the most important man of Muhammad Dahlan, escaped from Gaza
Rashid Abu Shbak

In an attempt to stop this dispute, the conferees in Abu Dhabi reached a decision to expedite the holding of elections to choose the group’s leadership in Gaza, to manage the next phase and form bodies that primarily compete with the Fatah movement, and until the elections they agreed upon. It is said that the media file in Gaza will be changed with a personality from who recently returned from Egypt.

Dahlan’s group refuses to change its name

In Abu Dhabi, the majority of those gathered rejected what was put on the agenda by looking for a new name for them, instead of their current name, “the reformist current in the Fatah movement,” due to the refusal to deal with them officially by the Palestinian organizations, as well as because of demands made to them by Arab parties that do not want to anger them. The Fatah movement and President Mahmoud Abbas, considering that adopting such an order would harm their base of supporters on the ground, given that giving up the name “Fatah” that the mother movement accuses of stealing will cause them to lose many of their supporters.

At the meeting table chaired by Dahlan personally, an important file that troubles the man was discussed greatly, represented in the exit of leaders close to him, and their return to “legitimacy,” which is meant for their return to the ranks of the Fatah movement, after they submitted requests to the leadership of the Central Committee, which accepted them.

Dahlan sold it

At this time, Dahlan fears that other figures close to him will leave and return to work in the Fatah movement, as this will fail his efforts to expand his base.

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In Gaza and in European countries, information is circulating that a number of his supporters have begun to conduct these contacts, with prominent leaders in the West Bank, while others are inclined to this approach, to ensure that they receive monthly salaries from the government, as well as receive salaries upon retirement, in light of their complaints From a lack of sense of “financial security” for their current situation, with many seeking to return to the body of the official organization.

This came after the leadership of the Fatah movement, during the recent meetings of the Revolutionary Council, welcomed the return of a chapter of the movement on charges of “delinquency” provided that he confirms his commitment to the movement’s regulations, after it excluded from the decision what it described as the “Emirates group.”

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