Egypt Health Care will contract for the “Ibn Sina” program at a cost of one million pounds annually


Egypt Health Care has contracted with IT Fusion, which specializes in programming, to manage its medical programs through the “Ibn Sina” program, at a cost of about one million pounds annually.

Mohamed Mukhtar, Chairman and Managing Director of Misr Health Care, said that the “Ibn Sina” program for managing documents and medical claims provides many advantages for managing the company’s programs, including issuing various offers through issuing various forms of documents and issuing insured cards.

Mukhtar added to the “stock exchange” that the program also allows medical service providers to be registered with their price lists and the various rates of their discounts.

He explained that the contract for “Ibn Sina” aims to reach the company’s customers in the easiest possible way, especially in light of the current circumstances of the spread of the Corona virus and the resort of many medical service providers to deal with the use of technological applications on phones and mobile devices.

Mukhtar stated that the company plans to bring the premiums portfolio it manages for the benefit of the insurance companies contracting with it to 220 million pounds by the end of next year 2021.

The list of medical insurance and brokerage companies that are currently contracting with “IT Fusion” includes a number of brokerage firms and medical services companies, including “Al-Ahly Medical Services”, “Egy Care”, “Prime Health” and “CIAF” of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Misr Company. For medical services and a number of insurance brokerage companies, including “Willis Towers Watson”, “Contact” and “Future”.

Mohamed Mukhtar said in previous statements published by the “Stock Exchange” recently that the portfolio of installments currently managed by the company for the benefit of insurance companies reached 150 million pounds through the third-party system known as “TBA”. The company increased the number of beneficiaries from the contracts it manages at the end of this year to reach To 45 thousand beneficiaries compared to 22 thousand beneficiaries at the end of last year 2019.

The company manages the medical services for the clients of the medical insurance branch of the insurance companies contracting with it, according to the third-party system, known in terms of insurance as “TBA”, through a network of service providers of up to 3 thousand treatment agencies providing the service from hospitals and specialized medical centers, in addition to the analysis and radiology centers.

It is noteworthy that “Misr Health Care” started its activities in the Egyptian market as a company specialized in managing medical treatment programs under the third-party system, known by insurance as “TBA” in November 2018, with a licensed capital of 20 million and a paid-up capital of 12 million pounds.

The article “Misr Health Care” contracts for the “Ibn Sina” program, at a cost of one million pounds annually, was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.