Egypt issues urgent instructions to open airspace to Qatari aircraft | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Today, Tuesday, the Egyptian authorities decided to lift the ban it imposed on Qatari flights to Egypt and open the airspace, according to what the head of the Civil Aviation Authority, Ashraf Noyer, announced days after Cairo received the Qatari Finance Minister, so that Egypt would be the last country from the blockading countries You make this decision.

Air traffic resumption

In statements to the government newspaper Al-Ahram, Noyer said that the decision gives the right to EgyptAir, Qatar Airways and Qatari airlines to resume air traffic and send flight operating schedules to the Egyptian and Qatari civil aviation authorities for approval.

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Noyer indicated that the decision provides for ending the air embargo imposed on Doha and allowing Qatari aircraft to pass through its airspace, adding: “The Egyptian civil aviation authorities have approved the requests submitted by the Qatari authorities to allow Qatari aircraft to cross Egyptian airspace at dawn today.”

Modification of Qatari aircraft navigation bulletins

Dr. Noyer indicated that the navigation bulletins for Qatari aircraft have been modified, starting this morning, Tuesday.

Several days ago, the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that the plane that carried the Qatari delegation to Cairo had obtained diplomatic approval, saying: “There are two types of certifications that the aircraft obtain, a special certification from the aviation authority, and another diplomat from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and this plane was signed. Within the scope of diplomatic certification.

Decisions 2017

The authority indicated that Egypt issued a decision to suspend all flights between Egypt and Qatar and close Egyptian airspace to Qatari aircraft registered with Qatari civil aviation, either by transit or landing in July 2017.

She explained that during this period, airlines and aircraft that were not registered in Qatar were allowed to land in Egypt after obtaining prior approval from the Civil Aviation Authority, following up: “There is no truth to what is being circulated about Egypt’s opening of airspace to Qatari aircraft, as no one has yet been issued. Resolution on lifting the ban on Qatari aviation.

It is worth noting that the four blockading countries have successively lifted the flight ban imposed on Qatar since the blockade was announced in 2017, while Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain opened the air, land and sea borders with Doha last week.

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