Egypt ranked 102nd in the world in mobile internet speeds last February


“Emirates” is ranked first in the world in mobile internet … and “Singapore” is the highest in “terrestrial internet” speeds

Egypt ranked 102nd in the world in mobile internet speeds during the month of February, according to the data of the “speed test” index to measure the rates of internet speed.

The UAE ranked first in the index that measures the average speed of the mobile internet in 141 countries, with a record of 177.16 Mbps, and in second place Qatar came with an average of 171.15 Mbps, ahead of January 2021, then South Korea in third place with 166.41 Mbps.

In fourth place came China with an average of 148.62 Mbps, then Saudi Arabia in fifth place with 119.06 Mbps, followed by Norway in sixth place with 117.01 Mbps, followed by Australia in the seventh place with 110.34 Mbps.

The index showed that the Netherlands ranked eighth with 106.34 megabytes, then Kuwait ranked ninth with 104.08 megabytes, and Bulgaria ranked tenth with 97.25 megabytes.

Egypt came in 102nd place with 20.65 mega governorate, in the same order of January 2021.

Bahrain ranked 22nd with an average of 69.65 megabytes, 4 places behind last month, Oman ranked 35 with 51.14 megabytes, then Turkey ranked 57th with 38.11 megabytes, and Lebanon ranked 60th with 36.98 megabytes.

Iraq ranked 76th with 28.24 megabytes, followed by Iran in 84th with 25.57 megabytes, Jordan ranked 90 with 23.52 megabytes, and Syria ranked 101 with 20.69 megabytes, while Turkmenistan ranked last in the list, which came in the center. 141 registered 2.83 MB.

With regard to average internet speeds Terrestrial In the “speed test” index, Singapore maintained the first position in the world out of 175 countries with an average speed of 238.59 Mbps.

Then Hong Kong came second with 231.70 megabytes, and Thailand came third with 217.70 megabytes, ahead of January, and Romania came fourth in the world with 205.89 megabytes, followed by Denmark in fifth place with 197.27 megabytes, then Spain came sixth with 189. 50 MB, advanced 3 centers.

At the level of the eastern region, Egypt came in the 100th place in the world, trailing 5 places during the month of February, in terms of average terrestrial Internet speed, which was recorded at 32.77 Mbps.

The UAE snatched the 30th position with 127.72 megabytes, followed by Kuwait in the 33rd position with 118.39 megabytes, and Qatar in the 42nd place with 101.08 megabytes, and in the 50th place Saudi Arabia came with an average of 82.44 megabytes, then Jordan in the 60th rank with 60.85 megabytes.

The article “Egypt” ranked 102nd in the world in mobile Internet speeds last February was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.