Egyptian artist Mohamed Tharwat raises controversy with pictures of embracing and kissing his pregnant wife! (watched) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Tharwat, caused an uproar, after publishing photos from a photo session that he collected with his wife, Mona Gamal, who is pregnant in her last days.

Muhammad Tharwat appeared embracing and kissing his pregnant wife, and wrote on her a comment: “I love you, Umm Dahab, I do not believe myself and I am Jan, the comedian when he loves.”

“Mohamed Tharwat..Abu Dahab”

The artist, Mohamed Tharwat, announced that his wife had given birth to his first child, which he named Dahab, through his account on Instagram, and she is his first female daughter, and he has another child, whose name is Salim.

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Muhammad Tharwat said in a publication: “God is great.. God is great.. God is great, praise be to God. Praise be to God for you as it should be for the majesty of your face and the greatness of your power. Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds.

And he added, “The princess of the wealthy family “Dahab” has arrived, may God preserve and protect her. I love you, Mona Omari. Thank you for making me happy. Makhlani is shocked to the extent that I have a girl like the moon, like her mother. May God grant you safety, the most precious thing in my life, Umm Selim and Dahab.”


Recently, the artist Mohamed Tharwat participated in the series “Between the Sky and the Earth”, which achieved great success during the days of its presentation in the first half of Ramadan.

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The audience described the series as one of the best works in the Ramadan season, especially since its makers succeeded in challenging the quotation from the story of the great writer, the owner of the “Noble” Naguib Mahfouz, despite the different time of the novel and the political, economic and social conditions, while preserving the spirit of the story and the main idea.

The release of the work in 15 episodes helped in the rapid pace and focus of events, which created a state of excitement and suspense.

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