Egyptian bride attended by the angel of death after entering the marital nest an hour! (watched) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Beni Suef Governorate in Egypt witnessed a horrific incident that afflicted the families there, as a bride died suddenly one hour after her wedding and after entering the marital nest.

According to Egyptian media, a state of grief overshadowed the Prime Time Zone of the village of “Maidum” in the Wasta Center, north of Beni Suef, after Israa Shaaban Saad passed away an hour after her wedding, which took place on Sunday.

The Prime Time Zone of the village mourned in great sadness Israa, who died of a sudden heart attack.

The bride, Israa Shaaban Saad

For its part, the bride’s family said, according to (Masrawy) website, that they are satisfied with God’s judgment and destiny in the death of their daughter.

Egyptian bride attended by the angel of death after entering the marital nest an hour! (watched) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock
The bride Israa Shaaban Saad and her groom

They emphasized that she was a role model in literature and morals, and she had a cheerful face.

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For his part, a villager recounted the story, saying, “The bride felt tired after the wedding ceremony and asked her family not to leave because she felt tired and severe pains in the abdomen and chest.”

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She was taken to the hospital until she breathed her last as soon as she entered the hospital doors.


The death of the eastern bride

In a similar incident in Al Sharqiya early last July, a state of great sadness prevailed among the pioneers of the social networking site “Facebook” in Al Sharqiya Governorate, with the death of the bride of Paradise, Kholoud Ahmed Ghayati, 21, on her wedding day.

The bride died as a result of emergency health conditions she was exposed to without any symptoms of illness, and she enjoyed the love of everyone and witnessed her respect and morals.

The beginning, according to the “Seventh Day” website, when the Prime Time Zone of the center and city of Haya in the Sharkia governorate woke up to a scene that cried everyone’s hearts, with the funeral of the corpse of the girl “Kholoud Ahmed”, the daughter of the city of Haya, and her family placing the veil of the wedding dress on the coffin to decorate it with.

The family explained that the deceased girl was preparing for the wedding ceremony within days, and the furnishings were transferred to the groom’s apartment.

Then she went to attend the wedding of one of her friends and she was overjoyed and suddenly fell to the ground unconscious.

She was transferred to Zagazig University Hospital and it was found that she suffers from anemia and was booked to receive the necessary treatment, and after 6 days she breathed her last.

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