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Activists on the communication sites circulated a video clip documenting the answer of an official in the Egyptian House of Fatwa to a question that came to him, regarding the ruling on a man marrying another if he has no desire for his first wife.

The text of the caller’s question came: “Is it permissible for a man to marry a second time, because his desire for the first has become non-existent for several reasons?”

The “Ifta” said, in a video clip broadcast on its official page on the “YouTube” website, that the marriage of a man for the second time in this case is permissible, explaining at the same time that reform is first.

Is marriage for the second time with the refusal of the first wife forbidden?

This question was previously answered by Sheikh Owaida Othman, Secretary of Fatwa at the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa, during his meeting with a fatwa registered to him.

Othman replied, saying: The first wife has the freedom to choose whether to continue married life or ask for a divorce, pointing out that men who desire polygamy, saying, “Do not destroy one house and adopt another.”

He pointed out that in order to return the favor to the first wife, the husband gives her the option to marry again for a reason he has or his need to marry a second time.

Ruling on marrying another woman without informing the first wife

For his part, Sheikh Muhammad Abd al-Sami, Secretary of the Fatwa at the Egyptian Dar al-Ifta, explained, during a fatwa registered on the Egyptian Dar al-Ifta website, that if a man remarries without informing the first wife, the marriage is valid.

Abdel-Samie added, saying: The marriage is valid, and if the legal marriage contract requires him to write the address of his first wife so that the judge or the authority to document the marriage sends him to work for his first wife that he married another woman so that she has the freedom to choose whether to stay with him or continue her life with him, so she does What you love, the marriage is valid and there is nothing in that.

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Ali Gomaa, the former Grand Mufti of the Republic, had previously stated that a man’s marriage to a second woman is permitted by Sharia, and stipulated justice and equality between wives, as stated in the Almighty’s saying: Women: 3).

During his meeting with the “God Knows” program, “Gomaa” confirmed that marrying another woman is not marital infidelity, but rather is a matter that is permissible according to Sharia.

Pointing out that there are strange, non-Islamic notions that have dominated women’s minds, that they prefer to be betrayed by men and not to marry another woman, warning that our culture and religion reject this talk, which is promoted by some soap operas, which ignites women’s anger when marrying another woman.

The former mufti advised the one whose husband married her to be patient and satisfied with what God has decreed for her, and to take the reasons and deal with her gently, and to compete with the second wife in attracting her husband towards her, stressing that he does not call for a second marriage, but clarifies the legal ruling.

Ruling on getting married without first knowing

A man has the right to marry four women or less, provided they are fair in terms of maintenance, sleep and clothing, and it is not required that he take her opinion in that.

Sheikh Owaida Othman, Secretary of Fatwa at Dar Al Iftaa, said that a person who married another woman should fear God and be fair between the two wives in the rights that include sleeping and staying with each of them, and establishing God’s law in the two homes.

Osman clarified in a video broadcast by Dar Al Iftaa on YouTube a while ago, in response to a question: What is the ruling on marriage without the first knowledge? That the husband did not commit a sin by marrying a second wife, but what is forbidden is if he is inclined to one of the two wives and leaves the other without giving her her legal rights, indicating that it is from unfairness.

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