Egyptian journalist Sami Kamal El-Din, after Sisi put his name on the terrorism list: I love you, my country A nation is tweeting out of tune


The authorities of the Egyptian regime led by Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi issued a new list of terrorism, which included the names of media professionals, writers, and former officials opposing his regime and rejecting its coup in 2013. In addition to a number of Qatari personalities.

Among these opponents, the Egyptian journalist Sami Kamal al-Din, who confirmed that Sisi had put his name on for the second time. On the lists of terrorism and international police “Interpol”.

Sami Kamal El-Din said, in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “I was put on the terrorism and Interpol list for the second time from Egypt. The list included a number of Qatari personalities and entities.

Sami Kamal Al-Din added, “I am afraid that the regime will think that I have obtained Qatari citizenship, so it put me with them. And he refused to renew my passport a year ago! Good morning, my country, I love you despite all this and that. “

Previous judgment on Abu Trika

Egyptian media reported that the Court of Cassation in Egypt supported the inclusion of the former Egyptian national team player, Mohamed Abu Trika. And 1528 Prime Time Zone, including leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. On terror lists for a period of 5 years, expiring on May 1, 2023.

The cassation is the highest appeals court in Egypt, and its support, on Thursday, of the Criminal Court’s decision (issued in 2018). By including Abu Trika and those with him on the terrorist lists. The decision becomes final, and it cannot be appealed, according to local media.

Among the effects of the new decision, “inclusion on the travel ban lists and anticipation of arrival, or preventing a foreigner from entering the country. Withdrawing or canceling a passport, or preventing the issuance of a new passport.

The ruling includes the inclusion of 1,529 Prime Time Zone, including a large number of public figures, headed by Abu Trika. And the currently imprisoned businessman, Safwan Thabet.

Sons of Mohamed Morsi

Among the Brotherhood’s symbols include “the sons of the late former President Mohamed Morsi, the imprisoned current guide Muhammad Badi ‘, the deceased former Muhammad Mahdi Akef, Mahmoud Hussein (a leader who is abroad), Mahmoud Ezzat (acting leader of the imprisoned guide), and Hamza Zawbaa (a journalist who is abroad), And Muhammad Al-Beltagy (Mahbous), Jamal Heshmat, and Qutb Al-Arabi (Two Leaders Abroad) ”.

This is the second listing against Abu Trika, as it has been listed by the Cairo Criminal Court for a period of 5 years since January 12, 2017.

On July 4, 2018, the Court of Cassation ruled, in a final ruling, to annul the decision issued in 2017, which included Abu Trika and 1,537 Prime Time Zone on terrorist lists.

There was no statement regarding this ruling from the Court of Cassation, and there was no immediate comment from the former Egyptian player or his lawyer about this.

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