El-Behairy: Digital Bank of Egypt can attract one million customers annually


Sherif El-Behairy, managing director of Egypt’s Digital Innovation Company – Digital Bank of Egypt, said that the bank can reach more than one million customers annually, after the Central Bank of Egypt issued licenses to digital banks.

He added that the digital bank will not completely dispense with the human element, and that it will have a completely separate brand.

He added that Banque Misr decided not to take the direction of launching digital branches, deciding to launch the first Egyptian digital bank, which will help it to achieve financial inclusion, considering that it is one of the most important banking tools to reach financial inclusion, for easy access to the largest segment of customers, especially since the numbers confirm that Banque Misr Opens more than 40 thousand accounts per day.

El-Behairy added that digital banks are distinguished by providing the service easily, whether inside or outside Egypt, and that the launch of the Digital Bank of Egypt comes within the framework of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s “Digital Egypt” initiative and the Central Bank’s directions to achieve financial inclusion and digital transformation; With the aim of getting rid of banknotes and keeping pace with global developments in facilitating procedures by providing the latest services to citizens.

Al-Buhairi explained that papers and documents will be converted into digital documents, especially in loan operations, which require the signature of the customer, which represents an important step in the mechanism of the digital bank’s work.

He said that the digital bank offers a new set of banking services to youth groups, in proportion to their needs, in addition to banking services for international transactions, noting that the period for obtaining loans from the digital bank is only 5 days compared to traditional banks, and Banque Misr has provided the first digital loan And an integrated digital product in Egypt for small business customers online within 5 days.

Yousra Mahmoud

Al-Buhairi article: Digital Bank of Egypt can attract one million customers annually, which was written in Al Borsa newspaper.