El-Moselhy: Announcing the opening of a 2,300-square-meter East Port Said warehouse soon


The Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Ali Al-Moselhy, said that there is interest from President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, President of the Republic, to expand the establishment of commodity warehouses in each governorate. To link the commodity trading process.

He indicated during his inspection of the General Wholesale Store in Port Said that a number of giant strategic stores that serve several governorates will soon be announced, including the East Port Said warehouse, which is located on an area of ​​2300 square meters.

“Al-Moselhy” referred to the necessity of developing the internal trade system, indicating that it begins with developing the infrastructure of wholesale markets and commodity warehouses and linking them to an advanced system of commodity circulation.

He explained that the vegetable market that was opened in the Arab region is an example of what the vegetable markets should be, as they operate with a disciplined system where wholesale cars are entered first, then the wholesale and retail cars.

He explained that the old random markets used to cause losses of 15-20% of goods. He noted that this would result in an increase in the prices that the consumer will ultimately bear.

The Minister of Supply revealed that the new urban market enjoys a system of sewage treatment at the highest level through which waste and sanitation are disposed of in a safe manner, within the framework of the state’s drive to preserve public health.

Al-Moselhy explained that the ministry is currently working on raising the capacity of commodity warehouses, as it can provide the needs of the supply system without any problems by creating a strategic stock of goods that meet the needs of citizens, in addition to linking them to an automated electronic system through which the available monthly balances and areas of need are known to prevent crises.

Major General Adel Al-Ghadhban, Governor of Port Said, said that the establishment of strategic stores and wholesale markets contributes to reducing the time and cost required for the circulation of goods and ensuring their arrival at a fair price to the citizen, noting that a wholesale market for wholesale and used clothes that Port Said is famous for will be established. He stressed that we strive to reach all citizens with high quality goods at a fair price.

The news article: The announcement of the opening of a 2,300-square-meter East Port Said warehouse soon was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.