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Kuwaiti media May Al-Aidan blew up a big surprise when she announced the marriage of her compatriot, artist Ilham Al-Fadala, to the young Kuwaiti actor Shehab Jawhar.

May Al-Aidan: Congratulations on the marriage of Ilham Al-Fadala

May Al-Aidan published a picture of both Shehab and Ilham Al-Fadala wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet of roses in her hand, and the media attached the photo with a comment that said: (Congratulations on the marriage of Ilham Al-Fadala and Shehab Jawhar).

The name of Ilham Al-Fadala topped the list of search engines following this announcement, which shocked the audience, and some of them questioned its authenticity, and suggested that it was just a scene from the series (and after me the flood).

Shehab divorced the mother of his children in order to inspire virtue

Especially since Ilham Al-Fadala published a few days ago a video clip in which she appeared alongside Shehab Johar, who said at the time: (Wait for us in her new series, and after me the flood), and then joked with her, indicating that the name of the series applies to the character that she will embody.

But May Al-Aidan responded to the comments questioning the authenticity of the news, stressing that Ilham Al-Fadala divorced her husband after she fell in love with Shehab, and the same was true of the latter, who divorced the mother of his children to marry the artist who is at least four years older than him.

Ilham Al-Fadala and a foreign fashion model

A few days ago, Ilham Al-Fadala was attacked and criticized by social media activists, after she placed her head on the body of a foreign model using photo-editing programs.

The beginning was when Ilham Al-Fadala published a picture of her through her personal account on the (Snapchat) application, in which she appeared with a youthful look and appeared dozens of years younger than her age.

The Kuwaiti artist in the photo was wearing red clothes, a checkered skirt and a very short blouse, and she adopted a raised hairstyle and held ice cream in her hand.

No sooner had Ilham Fadala impressed by the audience’s flirtation with her beauty and grace, despite the fact that she had become a grandmother, and celebrated only the day before her 48th birthday, until the followers discovered her deception and attacked her.

And that’s after the followers discovered that the picture was originally of a young foreign model, and that Ilham Al-Fadala was satisfied with replacing her head with the model’s head only.

Ilham Fadala was attacked and ridiculed for her behavior, which some saw as a penny of content as nothing more.

Inspiration of virtue with a new head

Last March, Elham Al-Fadala also topped the talk of activists on social media, after appearing completely differently from what the public knew.

Elham Al-Fadala published her photo at the time through her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared with a very thin face, blond hair, and no story lenses, which made the audience not distinguish her.

Immediately, pictures (before and after) spread to inspire Fadala, during which the audience compared the radical changes in her appearance, and some accused them of using (Photoshop), while others exaggerated their expression when they said that she had put a new head.

Elham reveals the secret

For her part, Elham responded to the shock and ridicule of the pioneers of social networking sites, and said in a video clip through her account on (Snapchat): (The picture you put next to my picture yesterday, I had just given birth to a baby).

And she continued: (Why didn’t you put another picture from the same series, but with a better shot than this? I have other more beautiful pictures, but in this picture I look fat and dusty, and I have cheeks, but I have more beautiful shots).

Elham Fadala indicated that the secret of this change is her loss of a lot of weight, adding: (I lost weight to the point that my bones are visible, with light frills and makeup, and now I photograph you without a filter to see for yourself that thinness is more beautiful).

gastric sleeve

And she added: (If you are afraid of having a sleeve gastrectomy, I tell you to rely on God and do it, thinness is beautiful, and since I underwent it, I have not been thinner for two years, and I am supposed to be less in my fifties, more than a friend told me I will be much thinner after two years).

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And she continued: (Indeed, two years have passed, and this year you saw me how I slimmed down with the governorate, of course, and this period I adhere to a diet and do not mess with it, just this is all the secret).

Regarding their mockery and comparison to her with the (Corona) virus, Al-Fadala said: (You say that I have transformed, why am I Corona? What does it mean that I have transformed? But it is okay, it appeared in the series and pictures and everywhere, I will not stand on this picture, take your comfort but choose a sweet picture).

It is worth noting that Ilham Al-Fadala married for the first time at the age of sixteen and gave birth to her first daughter (Mona) in Saudi Arabia, then returned to Kuwait and completed her studies, after which she married journalist Khalil Al-Tamimi, and they have two daughters from him, Fajr and Al-Noor.

As for Shehab Gohar, he is married outside the artistic community, and he has children Narges, Aya, Fadel and Lulwa.

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