Emirates Airlines suspends its flights to and from Saudi Arabia, and Qatari demands to apply quarantine on Emirati flights | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Emirates Airlines decided to suspend all passenger flights to and from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until further notice, starting today, Sunday, according to the Emirati newspaper, Al Bayan.

The company said, in a press statement, that the suspension decision, which will take effect from today, Sunday, July 4, 2021, at 23:00 local time, came in accordance with the instructions of the Saudi General Civil Aviation Authority.

And it indicated that “passengers who arrive in Saudi Arabia as their final destination on or after July 5, 2021, will not be accepted for travel at their original point of departure.”

Emirates Airlines and rebooking options

The statement indicated that the last Emirates Airlines flights to and from Saudi Arabia on today were as follows:

“Dubai, Jeddah, Dubai – EK2805/EK2806, Dubai, Riyadh, Dubai – EK2817 / EK 2818, Dubai, Dammam, Dubai – EK2821 / EK2822”.

The statement also revealed that, according to Emirates Airlines, “affected customers should contact their travel agent or Emirates call center for rebooking options.”

While “for canceled reservations, the company provides two options for customers, which are to keep the ticket for a future trip, or rebook the trip on another date.”

Saudi airlines

Earlier, Saudi Airlines announced that it is working to increase the seat capacity of flights from the Emirates to the Kingdom on Saturday and Sunday, calling on all customers to follow developments through its official channels.

The media center of Saudi Airlines said in a tweet via Twitter: “Saudi Airlines would like to inform its valued guests that work is underway to increase the seating capacity of flights from the sisterly Emirates to the Kingdom today and tomorrow.”

Qatari claim

In this context, the Qatari singer, bin Rashid Al-Khater, called on his country’s authorities to take decisive decisions regarding those coming from the UAE to Qatar.

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And bin Rashid said, according to a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “I hope that those coming from the Emirates will be treated like those coming from India and Pakistan are treated with a stone, even if he holds a PCR certificate and two doses of vaccination, the situation there is difficult and the mutated virus is widespread.”

Saudi decision

Earlier, the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced that citizens would not travel to a number of countries without obtaining prior permission from the concerned authorities.

And an official source in the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced that, based on the Kingdom’s government’s keenness on the safety of citizens wishing to travel abroad, and in light of the continuing outbreak of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), and the spread of a new mutated strain of the virus, it was decided to prevent direct or indirect travel of citizens. Direct, without prior permission from the relevant authorities, to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

According to the statement, this comes with the continued ban on direct or indirect travel of citizens to the previously announced countries.

It was also decided to suspend entry from the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, the United Arab Emirates, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, in addition to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, except for those who stayed 14 days outside those four countries, who are not citizens, as well as all previously announced countries.

It was decided to stop flights with countries prohibited from traveling to and from, and to apply institutional quarantine to all those coming from them, citizens and others.

Saudi exceptions

With the exception of citizens who are currently in any of those countries and who return before eleven o’clock in the evening on Sunday 24 Dhu al-Qa’dah 1442 AH corresponding to July 4, 2021 AD, without prejudice to what is done regarding the evacuation of violators of residency regulations from the Kingdom and related flights.

According to the decision, the suspension of flights will take effect from eleven o’clock in the evening on Sunday 24 Dhu al-Qa’dah 1442 AH corresponding to July 4, 2021 AD.

The Ministry of Interior called on citizens wishing to travel to the countries allowed to travel to be careful, to stay away from areas experiencing the spread of the virus, and to follow all precautionary measures, regardless of their destination.

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