Emirati Academic: The Palestinians will not be able to liberate their land before they are liberated from Abbas and his ilk A nation is tweeting out of tune


Emirati academic Dr. Youssef Khalifa Al-Youssef, a former economics professor at the Emirates Group, attacked the Palestinian Authority and its president, Mahmoud Abbas, saying that it is the cause of all the Palestinian problems and the reason for the survival of Israel to this day.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

Al-Youssef said in a tweet he had on Twitter, which was monitored by Watan: “I am certain that the Palestinian Prime Time Zone will not be able to liberate their land before they are liberated from Abbas and his ilk.

He continued, explaining: (Also, the Arab peoples will not contribute to the liberation of Palestine before they are liberated from their puppet regimes that were the cause of the Palestinian tragedy.)

The Emirati academic stressed in another tweet that the Zionists of the West still support the racist settler entity in Palestine (they count on Abbas, Abu Al-Raz, Bin Zayed, Bin Salman and their ilk, agents of the West and the darkness.)

Where they hope – according to Al-Youssef – that (these victories achieved by the resistance in Palestine will be aborted by talking about sterile peace negotiations that are not supported by the force of arms and a reconstruction that excludes Hamas.)

The former economics professor at the Emirates University also explained that the Zionist entity today is protected by three fronts (one of them is the home front led by Abbas Al-Baha’i and the second is regional led by Arab Zionists).

And the third front that protects the Zionists from the point of view of the Emirati academic is (a global front made up of Western and Eastern governments, and it is necessary to understand how this circle works to thwart its ploy and thus liberate our sanctities.)

The Emirati academic concluded his tweets by saying: (The West is still dealing in our region with traitorous rulers who serve their interests and interests. And the West feels that the peoples of the region are herds led by these traitors.)

He continued: (Therefore, he does not deal with these peoples and does not respect them. Will our peoples prove to the West that they are living peoples by standing with the resistance with all their capabilities, or will they remain bystanders and lose?)

UAE requirement to participate in the reconstruction of Gaza

The official Israeli broadcaster Kan said that in order to participate in the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, which was destroyed by the Israeli occupation, the UAE stipulated that Hamas would not be involved.

The Hebrew Commission stated that US officials have traveled in recent days to the Emirates, to join the efforts to rebuild Gaza.

She added, “But the UAE conveyed a clear message to America, that Abu Dhabi is ready to provide direct humanitarian support to Gaza, but it will not finance any such mechanism in which Hamas has a role.”

The channel noted, “The UAE has made it clear that Egypt will focus efforts on them.” There was no official Emirati comment on this news.

American efforts to stabilize the calm and the reconstruction of Gaza

According to the Hebrew site i24, Washington is making efforts to establish the mechanism in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority, and as part of these efforts, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited Egypt and Jordan yesterday to discuss the issue.

The Hebrew website stated, “The United States has already made clear to Hamas that it will not participate in this mechanism.”

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation stated, “Egypt has invited Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and Israel to talks in Cairo to continue the ceasefire between the two parties.”

It claimed that “the aim of the talks is to discuss the possibility of a long-term calm and the issue of the Israeli soldiers captured by Hamas.”

It is worth noting that the leader of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, confirmed in an interview with journalists yesterday that his movement welcomes any efforts to rebuild what the occupation has destroyed.

The 2021 Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip continued for 11 days, which ended at dawn last Friday at 2 am, with the announcement of the conditional truce by the resistance.

The violent Israeli bombardment of the Strip destroyed hundreds of homes, towers, apartments, main roads, public places, water networks, communications and the Internet, in addition to the destruction of many different government institutions, and the displacement of thousands of their homes.

Sisi’s money was transferred from the UAE

Earlier, the Palestinian writer Nizam Al-Mahdawi revealed new details about the support that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi announced to provide to Gaza for reconstruction after the continuous Israeli aggression for the eleventh day on the Gaza Strip.

Nizam Al-Mahdawi said, in a tweet monitored by Watan: “According to the information available to me, the $ 500 million that Sisi provided to Gaza is money transferred from the Emirates.”

“The aim is not to rebuild Gaza, but rather to support the movement represented by Muhammad Dahlan to undermine Hamas in Gaza after the end of the war. Asham the Devil!), Al-Mahdawi added.

Sisi offers $ 500 million to Gaza

Earlier, the head of the Egyptian regime, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, announced the provision of aid worth half a billion dollars to contribute to the reconstruction of Gaza.

This came after the bombing of buildings and infrastructure during the military confrontations between the Israeli army and Hamas.

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In this context, the spokesperson for the Egyptian presidency, Bassam Radi, said in a Facebook post that “President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announces that Egypt will provide $ 500 million as an Egyptian initiative earmarked for reconstruction in the Gaza Strip as a result of recent events.”

He pointed out that “specialized Egyptian companies will participate in the implementation of the reconstruction process.”

Palestinian anger at Dahlan’s cooperation with the Emirates

Dahlan, who lives in the UAE, thanked Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi for the support he announced for the Gaza Strip, by guaranteeing him $ 500 to reconstruct what the Israeli occupation destroyed in its aggression on the Strip.

Dahlan said in a series of tweets monitored by Watan, (Egypt has never failed our Palestinian Prime Time Zone, and Egypt has always been with Palestine through thick and thin, and the Egyptian soldier fought and martyred for our country, and Egyptian universities provided knowledge and knowledge to tens of thousands of our Prime Time Zone, and the Palestinians in Egypt were not treated. One day as a refugee, our Prime Time Zone were not isolated inside the refugee camps, but they lived like their Egyptian brothers.)

Dahlan added, “Today, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi adds a new and major exploit to Egypt’s permanent stances by announcing the allocation of $ 500 million for the reconstruction of Gaza and building a modern infrastructure for our Prime Time Zone in the Strip).

He added to what he said previously (But President Sisi decided that with great generosity, affirming the unity of destiny between our two brotherly peoples, and just as we never forget the sacrifices of the Egyptian armed forces one day, we will never forget this decision that came in a difficult and dangerous stage of our Prime Time Zone’s struggle for freedom and independence, so thank you, Egypt) .

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