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Emirati activist claims that the Sultanate of Oman will host an international gathering to deter Iran | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The prominent Omani account, Al-Shaheen, on Twitter attacked an Emirati activist who claimed that the Sultanate of Oman might host an international gathering that includes America, Israel and Gulf countries to deter Iran.

Al-Shaheen denied the allegations of Emirati activist Hamad Al-Ahbabi, in which he said that Israel aspires to enter an international coalition to protect global trade from Iran’s terrorist operations.

“Especially for the region after its membership in the Central American region and its ships exposed to operations and threats from the Revolutionary Guards.”

Al-Ahbabi continued his claims that the Sultanate of Oman may host an international gathering that includes America, Israel and Gulf states, by jeopardizing its maritime location.

The allegations that were denied and meticulously refuted by the Omani account of “Al-Shaheen”, which was famous for addressing rumors and lies against the Sultanate of Oman.

Where he replied to Al-Ahbabi by saying: “As for our marine location, there is no dispute about it. Every wave in the seas of the world mentions how the Omani ships split it in half.”

He also continued denying the allegations of the Emirati activist: “As for entering into an alliance with some against some, this is a job for young teenage girls and we left it for them entirely.”

The Omani “Al-Shaheen” concluded his tweets by directing a question to the Emirati activist, in which he said: “Now, answer me … What entered Israel with navigation in the Gulf seas if not from your ports and for the benefit of your companies!”

The Emirati activist relied on his allegations on the telephone conversation that took place yesterday between the Omani Foreign Minister, Badr Al-Busaidi, and the occupation foreign minister, Gabi Ashkenazi.

Yesterday, Monday, Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi announced that he had made a phone call to his Omani counterpart Badr Al-Busaidi.

“I had a good conversation with the Omani foreign minister,” he said.

Ashkenazi said in a tweet on “Twitter”: “During the call, views were exchanged on a number of issues of common interest. And the importance of supporting all efforts aimed at achieving peace and stability in the region.

He added, “We have also agreed to maintain our direct channel of communication and to enhance cooperation.”

Badr Al-Busaidi said earlier: “With regard to Israel, we are satisfied so far with the level of relations and dialogue between us, which includes the appropriate channels of communication.”

At the same time, the Sultanate’s Foreign Minister affirmed that “the Sultanate is committed to peace between Israel and the Palestinians based on the two-state solution.”

An Israeli ship that exploded in the Gulf of Oman

The British Maritime Trade Authority revealed, last Friday, that the ship, which was exposed to an explosion in the Gulf of Oman, on Thursday, is owned by an Israeli company.

The company, “Dryad Global” for maritime security, said that the ship in question is “MV Helios RayShe is transporting cars and she was on her way to Singapore.

No injuries

Israeli media said that there were no injuries as a result of the explosion on board the cargo ship in the Gulf of Oman.

AFP reported that the Israeli ship set off from the port of Dammam in Saudi Arabia and was heading to Singapore.

Whereas, a notice from the British Maritime Trade Operations Authority stated, “Investigations are underway.” The ship is safe, the crew is fine. ”

He also added that the accident occurred at 20:40 GMT. The authority did not give details of the cause of the explosion.

The notice stated that “vessels sailing in the area have been advised to exercise caution”.

The authority stated that the ship is on its way to the nearest port. The authority had identified the last location of the ship off the coast of Muscat, the capital of Oman.

The International Maritime Security Organization is monitoring the situation

For its part, the International Maritime Security Organization said, in its Twitter account, that it was aware of the report of the British Trade Operations Authority about an explosion in a non-organization merchant ship in the Gulf of Oman.

It also confirmed that it would continue to monitor the situation.

For his part, the US Fifth Fleet stationed in Bahrain said that it is aware of the accident and is monitoring the situation.

Israel accuses Iran

Israeli officials said, on Saturday, that Iran was responsible for the bombing of the cargo ship owned by an Israeli businessman.

The Israeli security establishment is also conducting secret discussions, whose main goal is to collect intelligence about what happened, according to the website of the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot”.

The ship is owned by Israeli businessman Rami Unger, who is close to the head of the Mossad, Yossi Cohen, according to Israeli media.

These statements by Israeli officials came publicly, for the first time since the Israeli ship was exposed to an explosion, Thursday, in the Gulf of Oman.

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