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The Emirati writer, Hamad Al-Mazrouei, who is known for his closeness to decision-makers in the UAE, insulted Qatar with the word Khadesh, while thanking the State of Kuwait.

Hamad Al Mazrouei said in a tweet monitored by “Watan”, (Taz in Qatar, long live Kuwait, and thank you).

The tweet of Emirati writer Hamad Al Mazrouei caused a sensation

The pioneers of social networking sites confronted the Emirati journalist, praising Qatar and its role in the Arab Gulf and the Middle East.

Yemeni activist Asaad al-Shari said: “Long live Qatar and Kuwait.

Egyptian journalist Sami Kamal El-Din mocked him, and said: “See Al-Moez Ali and Abdel-Aziz Hatem and Anjoy.”

Muhammad Al-Walidi commented: “It is as if I were discussing with them where to escape? Dhahi Khalfan chose Qatar to be an “intruder”, so he praised it, and Al Mazrouei chose Kuwait because of his weight in Qatar. He was afraid and chose Kuwait.

Al-Walidi added: “Ibn Zayed has lost you! And out of your foolishness, you obeyed him.”

Fahd al-Maliki said: “The return of al-Khanuri, the boy in cursing Qatar, means there is no peace with the children of Khnuristan…because al-Khanuri is moved by the devil of the Arabs.

A different position for Dhahi Khalfan

Hamad Al Mazrouei’s insult came hours after Dhahi Khalfan, Deputy Commander of Dubai Police, praised Qatar in a surprising situation.

Dhahi Khalfan considered that Qatar’s policy of cooperation with Iran is correct, stressing his support for cooperation with Tehran and Israel.

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Khalfan said, in a series of tweets on his official page on Twitter: “Qatar’s policy towards Iran in light of the current events and Al Jazeera’s failure to comment on what is happening is a wise policy. This is what is required.”

He explained that “Qatari’s positions have proven that they are supportive of the stability of the Gulf and the Arab world.”

He asked: “Why is Qatar’s policy of adopting cooperative positions with Iran correct?”, “Why is accusing others of cooperating with Iran wrong?”, criticizing what he described as “double standards.”

Then the Deputy Chief of Dubai Police confirmed that he supports “every trend that achieves stability in the Arab Gulf with Iran, with Israel or with whomever I am with… Every trend calls for tolerance, I am with him… Other than that, I do not.”

Tweeters saw that Khalfan had changed his opinion, which he had announced in a tweet in which he confirmed that the Gulf states could ally with the devil against Iran, saying: “The Arab Gulf states are not with Israel… If with Satan, they must ally themselves in order to confront the Persian project in the Arab world. …because the mullahs’ Iran is a project of a planted traitor such as Hassan, Abd al-Malik and others.”

He also confirmed at the time that the accusation of terrorism united Qatar and Iran, adding that “at a time when Saudi Arabia and the UAE are working to create a good reputation, Qatar is creating a bad reputation,” he said.

A hashtag titled “Emirates House of Spy” topped the list of the most popular Twitter hashtags for the fourth day in a row, in the wake of the scandal of the UAE and Saudi Arabia and their use of Israeli cyber technology to target and spy on opponents.

Through the hashtag, activists shed light on the scandals of the Emirati regime with the Israeli company NSO and the “Pegasus” spy program, which was used by Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, the de facto ruler of the Emirates, to target his opponents.

It is noteworthy that researchers discovered the Pegasus program for the first time in August 2016 after a failed attempt to install it on the iPhone of human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor in the United Arab Emirates, through a suspicious link in a text message. exploits it.


“Pegasus” is considered one of the most dangerous and “most complex” spyware programs, and it specifically targets smart devices running the “iOS” operating system of Apple, but there is a version for Android devices that differs somewhat from the “iOS” version. .

An investigation – conducted by 17 media organizations and its results were published last Sunday – revealed that the “Pegasus” spy program – produced by the Israeli company “NSO” – was used to penetrate the phones of journalists, officials and activists in different parts of the world.

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