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The statements of the Emirati YouTuber, Raad Al-Shallal, in which he praised the Israeli occupation and encouraged normalization, coinciding with his criticism of the Palestinian Hamas movement, angered the pioneers of social networking sites.

Emirati YouTuber, Raad Al-Shallal, said in a video clip that was monitored by (Watan), “Israel, despite everyone’s nose, is a state that is superior in technology and has innovative water technologies that Egypt needs.”

Al-Shalal added: “Israel is a technological state of the first degree in everything and a state on the ground whose flag is flying over three quarters of the Arab world, whether we like it or not, the countries are recognized.”

He continued, “Away from emotion, I convey a realistic and realistic image of Prime Time Zone that satisfy you or what you are satisfied with. You have four walls on the floor and the ceiling. Hit wherever you like.”

In another video clip, Raad al-Shallal said: “Iran when Hamas acts as a pressure card to negotiate, and the Palestinians are undoubtedly heroes of sacrifices and Hamas does not represent them.”

Jamal Rayan beats Emirati Raad Al Shallal

Palestinian broadcaster Jamal Rayan, who published clips from the statements of the Emirati YouTuber, responded to him, saying: “This Zionist is defending Israel as if the Emirates were “forced against him,” as it is the actual ruler of its colonies in the Emirates, otherwise they would send him back to Iraq from where he came.”

He added: “This Emirati Zionist object reads what the Israeli intelligence is writing to him? Notice the eye looks to the right.”

Anger on social media

In this context, the pioneers of social networking sites interacted with the statements of the Emirati YouTuber, considering that this comes in implementation of the policies of the rulers of the Emirates in promoting normalization with Israel.

Ibrahim said: “If the Zionist entity is technologically superior, this does not give its existence legitimacy. It is a usurper entity occupying my land. I will continue to resist and resist so that my land will be returned to me. You are defeated and admire this entity. Give it your land, you bastard.”

Another commented: “A thief defends thieves. Most of the inventions and things that the Mossad attributed to his Prime Time Zone were stolen or bought from others with the help of the Mossad, out of emotion.”

The Algerian deterrent said: “The name of the Zionist Emirates has become familiar to us in the Arab Maghreb, both verbally and realistically, in addition to its electronic flies that distorted public opinion.”

Zuhair Al-Hanahi said: “If those who were stripped of their Arab identity had the opinion, and their opinion on the Palestinian issue was important to the Arab Prime Time Zone, believe me, I would have buried Palestine in the last century.”

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However, he added: “But thank God, their opinion represents only a small group of Gulf Zionists, and no Arab believes it, so you don’t care about it. Let him bark as he pleases.”

red list

Earlier, the Hebrew newspaper “Maariv” revealed the reason why Israel did not put the UAE on the “red list”, despite the high rates of infection with the Corona virus in it.

The newspaper pointed out in the report prepared by “Jackie Hockey” that political and economic considerations are what prevent Israel from declaring the UAE a “red” state.

This comes despite the fact that the rates of corona infection in the Emirates are six times higher than in Israel, but the Tel Aviv government does not obligate those coming from Abu Dhabi or Dubai to isolate.

However, the report added that the United States recently warned its citizens against visiting the UAE due to the high rates of corona infection in it.

Israel and the UAE are currently united by “gram”

The newspaper pointed out that both Israel and the UAE are currently united by a “gram”, and that relations between them have developed significantly in recent weeks.

She pointed out that the visit last week of Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to Abu Dhabi represented a new era in relations, which can be described as the “post-Netanyahu era.”

Article “Spinning” joint by Lapid and Abdullah bin Zayed

The UAE continues to fall into the mud of normalization in a crude manner that provokes the Palestinians and Arab activists, as normalization did not stop at the borders of its announcement, but rather entered intimate stages with the occupying state.

In this context, and after the visit of Yair Lapid, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the occupation to the UAE last week, which is the first of its kind, a joint article was published by the Emirati Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed and his counterpart in the occupation government in the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth.

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