Emiratis reject the “United Emirates Global” campaign and consider it a blurring of the Emirati identity | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Emirati government sparked widespread anger in the Emirati street after it launched the “United Emirates Global” campaign, in an attempt to turn the country into a microcosm of the world. According to her claim.
Emirati activists had their justification for rejecting the campaign launched by the Emirati government, as these plans aim to change the features of the Emirates, obliterate religious identity and manipulate the country’s future, in addition to a radical change in the next generation.

Mohammed bin Rashid talks about his new plan for the heart of the Emirates

In this context, Mohammed bin Rashid, Ruler of Dubai and Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE announced

On Monday, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, announced, via Twitter, the launch of the UAE’s “global media economic campaign under one umbrella to inform the world about the advantages of the most active international economic environment.”

He added: “Our roots are Arab..Our ambitions are global..Our message is to investors and talents around the world..Choose the United Global Emirates.” Attached to his tweet is a video clip of the plan.

Emirati opponents reject Mohammed bin Rashid campaign

Some criticized the campaign launched by Mohammed bin Rashid and considered it an attempt to obliterate the Emirati identity.

Dr. Rafia Ghobash, through her Twitter account, expressed her dissatisfaction, saying: “How dare the owner of this campaign to change the identity of a homeland?”. The Emirates are Arab and Muslim and will remain so.”

Ghobash added: “A country and a Prime Time Zone with historical roots, and this manipulation of the future of the UAE we reject and do not accept.”

For his part, Chancellor Mohammed bin Saqr Al Zaabi considered that “the rulers of the Emirates are clearly planning for the country to become a global village that has no religion, language, or identity.”

Al-Zaabi added: “Actions speak louder than words, universality, tolerance, the Abrahamic religion, normalization with the Zionists, and amending laws to match desires, even if they are forbidden; They are all indications of what is to come.”


Sheikha Al Shamsi said: “I was shocked by this bold marketing move, how was it approved?! These are foreign, intrusive ideas, and I think the official is a foreigner.” And she continued: “Oh, good Prime Time Zone, there are strange tendencies towards something that is not comfortable.

Another Twitter account calling itself “Arwa” said: “Should we obliterate our identity in order to promote a global event?! To change the name of our country just so that the world accepts that we are a Prime Time Zone who welcome all cultures?! Even if it was just marketing.

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Arwa concluded her tweet by saying: “It saddens me that the Arab Emirates have changed to the International Emirates.”

The Emirati academic, Dr. Abdul-Khaleq Abdullah, also criticized the campaign, saying in a tweet monitored by “Watan”, sorry, and with appreciation and respect to the honorable colleagues in the Federal Media Office, but the name of the United Emirates International is not successful, although for the purpose of promotion and marketing.

Typers of the Emirati system

After the campaign launched by Ibn Rashid, it was clear how many comments were made by supporters and beneficiaries of the UAE regime, and “Watan” monitored many comments that were “drums” for the move of the ruler of Dubai.

As part of its approach to obliterating national identity; Over the past years, Abu Dhabi has naturalized thousands of foreigners, from Central and South Asia and other countries, without real procedures and steps to preserve the identity of its original citizens. According to the Emirates website

At the end of last January, the government announced amendments to citizenship, under which it will allow investors, talented Prime Time Zone, and specialists from scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, intellectuals and their families, to obtain it while retaining their original citizenship.

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In February, the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz said that Abu Dhabi targeted the Israelis by amending the laws on granting citizenship. Considering it “an opportunity for the Zionists, not only to work in Abu Dhabi, but to obtain a nationality that will enable them to visit countries they are prohibited from visiting.”

and in exchange for random naturalization; The authorities have punished many of its citizens, activists and peaceful dissidents, and their families, by revoking their nationalities, because of their demands to respect human rights and implement political reforms in the country, which deprived their children residing inside the country of all their rights.

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