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Engineering Industries: The high cost of shipping from China opens the appetite of foreign markets for the Egyptian product


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The rise in shipping prices from China has prompted some Arab and African countries to search for suppliers to supply them with their needs of engineering goods from Egypt, and the number of visits to the Engineering Industries Export Council by African countries has increased in recent weeks.
The council intends to send trade missions to Brazil, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Morocco and Cameroon, this year.
Engineer Sherif Al-Sayyad, Chairman of the Engineering Industries Export Council, said that the sector is witnessing a state of activity at the present time, and he received a group of African delegations during the last three weeks.
Al-Sayyad explained that a large number of companies from neighboring Arab and African countries are currently addressing the Council with their desire to get to know Egyptian factories and products closely. Looking for new suppliers for her after the rising cost of shipping from China.
He added that the council’s reception of a number of visits during the current year, which started in African countries, will open new horizons for Egyptian companies to expand export.
He revealed that the council received, last week, a visit by one of the largest importing companies in the Ivory Coast, “Cote d’Ivoire” and Ghana, and the council organized visits for it for a period of 3 days to the Egyptian factories producing household appliances and kitchen appliances.
He indicated that these visits included discussions with Egyptian companies and the delegation of the foreign importing company. To get acquainted with the opportunities available for the two parties to cooperate during the coming period.
He explained that this company imports huge quantities, but it is the first time to come to Egypt, and praised the Egyptian industry and its products.
He explained that Egyptian products are good and have a high competitive advantage, but that they need a grand plan to market and introduce them abroad, especially in the African market.
He revealed that the council also received a delegation from the Sudanese free markets, at the beginning of this week, and field visits were organized to the factories affiliated with the council, as well as meetings with the owners of companies.
He said, “We found that the best way to introduce Egyptian products is to organize field visits and direct meetings with the owners of local factories and foreign importers. Usually, contracts are concluded during these talks.”
He added that the council is currently arranging to receive a visit for a delegation from Libya, and it is likely that prominent personalities, ministers from there and Libyan businessmen will attend, in coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry.
He explained that the Council is currently intensifying its efforts to find solutions to the problem of unavailability of inspection laboratories that issue conformity certificates for products that companies wish to export abroad.
Mai Helmy, Executive Director of the Engineering Industries Export Council, said that the council will organize trade missions this year to Nigeria in June, and to Brazil to benefit from the Mercosur agreement, as well as the council’s plan to organize missions to Morocco, Kazakhstan and Cameroon.
She indicated that the high freight rates and the suspension of some shipping lines in transporting goods from China made African importers head to Egypt, especially since the high cost of shipping from China made the Egyptian product more competitive in African countries.
She explained that the Egyptian product arrives in less time to African countries and at a lower price at the present time, compared to imported from China.
She said that the changes that have occurred will be reflected in the volume of Egyptian supplies to African countries, and engineering exports have witnessed a remarkable growth by “Côte d’Ivoire”, and the council is preparing to receive a delegation from Kenya in July, a mission of buyers from Iraq, and a delegation from Libya during the month of April.

The article “Engineering Industries”: The high cost of shipping from China opens the appetite of foreign markets for the Egyptian product, it was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.


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