English clubs adorn themselves with red flags on their social media platforms, and why?!


A number of English football clubs published tweets attached to emojis that are red flags, as part of the “Flash mob” campaign through their accounts on social media.

English clubs and red flags

And British media reported that the creators of this campaign decorated the Twitter platform in red, their campaign symbolizing a red line of error to be crossed because it is a danger, harmful or cause.

Many English clubs also joined that campaign by tweeting through their official Twitter accounts.

Among them was Manchester United, who posted a tweet saying: “Cristiano Ronaldo is not the greatest ever,” accompanied by a number of red flags, which the club sees that the person who thinks about it has crossed the red line.

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Manchester City also tweeted a similar tweet through his official account on the “Twitter” platform, regarding his Algerian star, Riyad Mahrez, saying: “Riyad Mahrez is not the magician of the Arabs,” accompanied by a number of red flags.

As well as his Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne, with another tweet, in which he stated: “Kevin De Bruyne is not the best football player in the league.”

Tottenham and Korean Song

The English club Tottenham also published a tweet through its official account “Tweet” about its South Korean star Heung Min Song, in which he said: “I do not like Heung Min Song,” and Chelsea entered into his tweet, which sparked controversy by participating in that campaign, as And it said: “I only support London clubs outside the European competition.”

English Premier League standings

Chelsea is at the top of the English Premier League standings. With 16 points, Liverpool is followed by one point, with 15 points.

In third place came Manchester City, with 14 points, equal to Manchester United. Everton and Brighton have the same points, respectively.

The Brentford team came in seventh place with 12 points, equal with the eighth place team Tottenham with the same points, while in the ninth place came West Ham United team with 11 points, and came in the tenth place with 10 points. During the English Premier League this season.

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