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The famous Syrian social networking sites, Ingy Khoury, put Lebanese artist Wael Kfoury in an embarrassing situation after she published their photo together.

Engy on the authority of Wael Kfoury: (With love from my heart)

Engy Khoury appeared attached to Wael Kfoury, in the photo she posted on her official account on (Instagram), before she deleted it hours after its publication.

Engy attached the deleted photo with a comment in which she said: (Oh God, what do I miss for these days, I find this man with his love from my heart.. God bless him with his life and make him happy).

Although the photo was deleted for a mysterious reason, activists re-circulated it, and attacked Wael Kfoury, for accepting to take a picture with Engy.

shock and controversy

While others accused Engy of seeking to discredit Wael Kfoury, suggesting that she took the photo at one of his concerts.

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Another suggested, according to the conspiracy theory, that someone had paid Engy to publish her picture with Wael Kfoury, especially since it was later deleted.

In another context, Engy Khoury suddenly announced her engagement a few days ago, revealing the date and location of the ceremony.

Engy Khoury published a bold photo that she collected with her fiancé via the (Al-Asturi) feature on her official account on (Instagram): (I did not want to tell you, but now I am happy, I will tell you, I am only from Lebanon, after 5 days of my engagement in Erbil).

And Engy continued: (I don’t tell you how sweet this feeling is, and his hands are happy, that God gave me the person who wants my heart, God’s goodness, and God blesses me and does not deprive me of it).

Engy Khoury

And Engy Khoury started talking about her fiancé, who suggested that the audience would be Iraqi, because the engagement would take place in Iraq, and she said: (It is the most precious thing in my life, and after you are girls, God will send you everything you love and bring good Prime Time Zone closer to you).

And Engy Khoury concluded: (Sweet stability, may God guide us and guide you, Lord).

Engy’s sermon from a Lebanese young man!

The identity of Engy Khoury’s fiancé was not revealed, especially since she had previously tied the knot with a Lebanese young man named Hadi Mustafa Najm al-Din, last year.

At the time, artistic news sites reported that Angie began preparing for marriage in order to obtain legal residency in Lebanon.

Lebanon’s morals police arrest Engy

Last year, Lebanese news websites confirmed that the Moral Police in the capital, Beirut, had arrested Engy Khoury.

According to these sites, “Khoury” entered the state’s borders surreptitiously, and broke the ruling against her to cancel her residency in Lebanese territory, on the sidelines of the spread of her scandalous videos.

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The Lebanese singer Qamar (Engy Khoury’s strife) commented on the news of the latter’s arrest, saying: (God is great and my right is taken, praise be to God).

And a number of activists on social media, months before, circulated a picture of the scandalous video clip of Syrian actress Angie Khoury, among the video clips that were leaked to her during the recent period.

Spring Zein and a love affair

And Engy Khoury revealed, in a live broadcast on social media, the love affair that she had with the Lebanese activist, Rabih Al-Zein, noting that the relationship lasted for 4 years.

Angie Khoury indicated that her relationship with Rabie Al-Zein was writing a book, and added that her family knew about this relationship and that they were about to get married, but problems occurred between them.

Moon and Engy Crisis

It is worth noting that Engy Khoury was deported from Dubai to Damascus, after she was caught in an immoral position in a hotel.

It is noteworthy that Angie Khoury entered social networking sites in 2018, and gained fame and wide knowledge after raising controversy and appearing in sexy and semi-naked looks.

Engy Khoury accused the Lebanese singer “Qamar” of kidnapping her and threatening to kill her; As a result, Qamar filed 6 cases against her in the Lebanese courts, but Qamar denied her connection to the deportation of Engy Khoury from Lebanon.

And recently, videos of Engy Khoury spread, in one of which she deliberately showed many parts of her body to provoke followers, unlike the incident of harassment against her in the demonstrations in Lebanon, which flooded the social media pages and ignited a wide wave of controversy.

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