“Espionage and the Saudi opposition” … a documentary that confuses Muhammad bin Salman in his palace | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The “vigilance” youth channel, affiliated to a number of Saudi dissidents abroad, published a documentary film entitled “Spy and the Saudi opposition.” In it, she spoke about the idea of ​​espionage pursued by the royal family in Saudi Arabia, in tracking and fighting its political opponents and opponents.

The documentary, which was published on YouTube and transmitted, dealt with many opposition tweeters and activists, including the prominent Saudi activist Omar bin Abdulaziz. In its beginning, there is a historical account of the use of spies throughout history, in many countries such as China and the Soviet Union and others.

The film presented examples of recruiting operations that took place for Prime Time Zone who worked for the KGB, which they used in many files.

Including the US nuclear file, and those who were able to access dangerous images and engineering, from which the Soviet Union benefited greatly.

The film attributed the arrival of the Soviet Union to build the nuclear bomb to those spies who were able to find the information and technology for its manufacture.

And the film continued, in its intended essence, after that long introduction, about what Mohammed bin Salman is doing as espionage acts against Saudi citizens. And not for nuclear targets like those Soviet ones.

The film said that there are methods taken by Saudi Arabia to spy on its citizens abroad.

The journey began in 2017, when Saud Al-Qahtani wrote a threat on Twitter to fake account holders that this would not protect them.

Bin Salman’s advisor and his close man claimed that there are ways to access fake accounts, indicating that countries have ways to reach the fake account owner.

The documentary confirmed that Saudi Arabia has bought accounts of high-ranking officials for espionage, including Twitter employees accused of dealing. With the Saudi government against its opponents.

A number of Twitter employees were involved in this matter, and were caught in the spying net for the benefit of the Saudi government against account holders opposing the Saudi regime.

The film dealt with the case of the young Ali Al Zubara, whose story began in 2015.

Where it was agreed with him to spy against more than 6 thousand Twitter accounts of opponents against the Saudi regime, which caused the arrest of many of them.

Several human rights organizations in the Middle East said that they had identified 6 Saudi citizens who were managing accounts. Fake criticizes the Saudi government.

The Twitter administration confronted “Al Zabara” over its unauthorized access to Twitter accounts, and Zabara identified the users’ IP addresses. The target audience will be added to their e-mail, addresses and phone numbers.

The “FBI” also published photos of the defendants, providing a person named Ahmed Al-Jabreen. With special information such as birth dates and phone numbers of Saudi dissidents. In exchange for money and promises of official positions.

Misk Foundation for espionage and assassination

Founded in March 2011, Misk describes itself as a non-profit corporation, established by Mohammed bin Salman.

According to what it markets itself, it has an important role to play in encouraging learning and developing leadership skills among young Prime Time Zone in the Kingdom.

However, the surprise was that Musk was led by the most dangerous criminals in the Kingdom, starting with Bin Salman, to Badr Al-Asaker, who is the head of the initiative center in Misk.

According to the film, the Foundation claims its focus on young Prime Time Zone in the Kingdom to nurture their talents and create a healthy environment for their growth, under the guise of charitable work.

The foundation is also facing accusations of implementing security roles suspected of recruiting spies and hackers inside and outside the kingdom, with the aim of suppressing opponents of the kingdom.

Ahmed Al-Jibreen

The “New Testament” account, famous for its political leaks on Twitter, revealed a new surprise about Saudi Ahmed Al-Jibreen. Known as Ahmed Al-Mutairi, director of Samaat, who is involved in the scandal of Mohammed bin Salman spies on Twitter.

The “New Testament” account, which has more than half a million followers on Twitter. It was revealed that Ahmed Al-Jibreen had moved to work with Saud Al-Qahtani in his office in the court.

He continued in his tweet, revealing the fate of the Ahmed Al-Jibreen Company, the spy of Mohammed bin Salman, on Twitter: “As for the Samaat Company, it is in its final stages. After he left it and released 35 of its staff.

According to another tweet of the New Testament, Ahmed Al Jibreen is the spy of Mohammed bin Salman on Twitter. He had collapsed psychologically after his case in America. And call Badr Al-Asaker.

As Ahmed al-Jabreen told Al-Asaker: “How will my fate be? I will not be able to travel abroad, my future is over! Badr said to him: Wait for the matter, a matter of time, and it will be resolved.

It is noteworthy that, last July, the US Department of Justice submitted a new indictment in the case of espionage via Twitter for Saudi Arabia. And filed before a US court, to include fraud, money laundering, forgery and tampering with evidence.

Hours after the US Attorney General requested to drop the charges in the case at the time, the ministry issued a new list of charges against the three accused.

Chief among them is Ahmed Al-Mutairi (also known as Ahmad Al-Jibreen), assistant director of the Saudi crown prince’s office, and two former American Twitter employees. Of Lebanese descent Ahmed Abu Ammo and Saudi Ali Al Zabara.


The new indictment included 7 charges instead of the two that were on the first list.

On top of which are the illegal work of agents of a foreign government without notifying the Ministry of Justice, money laundering, sabotage and illegal appropriation. And altering or falsifying records during a federal investigation.

New evidence was also presented documenting that Ahmed Al-Jibreen launched a company as a front for the transfer of information for the company, “Samat”. Run by Badr Al-Asaker. Director of the Saudi Crown Prince Office.

The indictment not only expanded the charges and the accused, but also drew its preamble more clearly.

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