“European Investment” provides 30 million euros to support small and medium-sized companies in Slovenia


The European Investment Bank announced the signing of an agreement to open a new €30 million credit line with the Slovenian Regional Development Fund (SRDF); With the aim of accelerating the recovery of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Slovenia, especially companies operating in the sectors of agriculture, manufacturing and services most affected by the “Corona” epidemic.

The bank explained – in a statement today – that the Slovenian municipalities will also be able to benefit from the credit line and use the funds through the SRDF Fund; With the aim of improving infrastructure, protecting the environment, energy efficiency and promoting the knowledge economy in Slovenia.

Liliana Pavlova, Vice President of the European Investment Bank in charge of operations in Slovenia, said that the European Bank will continue to provide material and technical support to Slovenia, its companies and local authorities in order to overcome the crisis as quickly as possible and enable Slovenia to continue to grow and develop, providing and protecting jobs and income for its citizens and contributing to global climate action. .

For his part, Matjaj Rebach, CEO of the Social Development Fund of Slovenia, stressed that the support from the European Investment Bank is important to provide financial programs and products to support regional development in Slovenia and through the Slovenian Fund, as a state-owned financial institution.

He added that the fund provides flexible and accessible financial programs for a faster recovery of the Slovenian economy and further strengthening of its financial programs for post-epidemic recovery projects, local infrastructure and support for the creation of new businesses.

Access to long-term financing addressed through this line of credit is fundamental to the stable investment activities of Slovenian SMEs as the backbone of the local economy, as these companies absorb 72% of employment in the non-financial sector, according to the European Commission.

It is reported that since the beginning of lending operations in Slovenia in 1977, the European Investment Bank has pumped 7.21 billion euros into key economic sectors including small and medium-sized businesses, transport, energy and infrastructure. In 2020, the Bank invested 221 million euros to support social and economic development in Slovenia, and so far the Bank has provided 30 million euros to the Slovenian economy to improve its resilience and promote economic recovery in response to the emergency due to the “Covid-19” virus.

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The article “European Investment” provides 30 million euros to support SMEs in Slovenia was written in the Borsa newspaper.