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A tag entitled “Except for a loaf of bread” topped the list of the most popular Twitter hashtags in Egypt, following statements by the head of the Egyptian regime, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who alluded to an increase in the price of state-subsidized bread, which sparked the anger of the Egyptians and caused widespread controversy among them.

During his inauguration of the food industrial city “Silo Foods” in Sadat City, Menoufia Governorate, on Tuesday, Sisi said that “the time has come that a loaf of bread increases its price.”

And he continued: “It is not reasonable to pay 20 loaves for the price of a cigarette, this matter must stop, I will not say that we will provide him, but this matter must stop.”

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Al-Sisi also spoke about the danger of the increasing population growth to the Egyptian state, and the head of the regime commented all the country’s problems on the “population growth” hanger, justifying his failure by claiming that the population increase is devouring the growth it achieves.

Al-Sisi said: “We want to organize our lives well, and we want to see a respectable product, and we want to respect the humanity of Prime Time Zone… And we want to organize our lives in a way that has a balance.”

He added: “Nothing has been proven in this way over 20 and 30 years, and we say the number for the price of a loaf of bread, no one touches it.. We will approach the loaf of life and say it on the air to the whole world.. Because we are serious, honorable and honest Prime Time Zone.. We also bear the responsibility of preserving life. People and their future..Here, we are not safe from sitting on the chair..We bear the trust of the fate of the country.”

Al-Sisi continued: “Abu 5 loaf of bread was formulated. It is time for its price to increase, because it is not possible to leave 20 loaves for the price of a cigarette.

Only a loaf of bread is causing an uproar after Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s statements

Al-Sisi’s statements about the loaf of bread caused a great wave of anger among the Egyptians, warning him against compromising the subsidy, which is the only breath left for the middle class in Egypt after the high prices and brutality of prices.

Egyptian YouTuber Abdullah Al-Sharif wrote through the hashtag: “Al-Sisi: It is time to increase the price of a loaf of bread. Politically, this statement is called a “feeling of the pulse” to measure the reaction before the decision.

He continued, explaining: “Sadat did it in 1977, and the Bread Revolution followed, and Bourguiba did it in Tunisia in 1984, and it was met with the bread uprising as well. Do not tamper with the only commodity of the poor, O owner of the palaces.”

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And without an account in the name of “Khalaf Al-Dahshoury”: “You split the predominance and the strength of the predominance.. Oh, what about the news of the Renaissance Dam?”

While activists remembered by marking the Minister of Supply during the era of Mohamed Morsi, in the name of Odeh, who is currently detained in Sisi’s prisons, and what he made of a major shift in his ministry, which all Egyptians witnessed.

One of the activists said, via the hashtag, sarcastically: “Oh, the citizen, a loaf of bread, not the express train, a loaf of bread, or the administrative capital, a loaf of living or painting his house, a loaf of living, and no victory palaces.”

He continued, “Al-Sisi does not care about what the poor want. He is only interested in pleasing his masters who have seated him on the chair. He must implement all the conditions of the World Bank.”

The price of a loaf of bread subsidized in the special budget

According to the economic newspaper, Al-Mal, and according to previous statements by Dr. Ali Al-Moselhi, Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, the state subsidizes a loaf of bread with about 53 billion pounds.

Al-Moselhi indicated that Egypt has self-sufficiency in wheat for a period of 6 and a half months, noting that the total loaves due to the beneficiaries amounted to about 120.8 billion loaves per year.

The number of beneficiaries of ration cards in Egypt reaches about 71 million citizens, at an estimated cost of 87.2 billion pounds, compared to 84.4 billion pounds during the last fiscal year.

According to expected government expectations, the quantities of wheat required to be provided during the current fiscal year will reach 8.610 million tons; To provide about 89 billion loaves, in addition to providing 651,000 tons of wheat to provide warehouse flour.

The number of Prime Time Zone who benefited from subsidizing a loaf of bread is 71 million, of which 66.7 million Prime Time Zone benefit from subsidizing a loaf of bread at the rate of 5 loaves per day, and 4.3 million Prime Time Zone benefit from subsidizing warehouse flour at the rate of 10 kilograms of flour for the citizen per month.

The state provides about 120 billion loaves of bread annually for the benefit of citizens. Al-Moselhi said in a program on My Responsibility last June that the state imports a ton of wheat at 878 dollars, compared to 725 pounds for training from farmers, adding that wheat was purchased from farmers at 15 billion pounds.

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