Exciting details about the escape of Zakaria al-Zubaidi and his companions from “Gilboa” are published for the first time after the investigation was completed | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Hebrew media published new details about the great escape that confused the occupation and caused a scandal for the Israeli security services, after Zakaria al-Zubaidi, along with 5 other prisoners, managed, last week, to escape from the highly-security Gilboa prison through a tunnel dug under the prison, before 4 were re-arrested. them again.

The camera officer is busy watching TV

Location “GonnaAl-Abri quoted an official with ties to the ongoing investigations into the escape, that one of the prison staff, who was sitting in the control room, was busy watching television instead of watching the screens; Therefore, the escape of prisoners recorded by the cameras was not noticed.

The same official said that when the prisoners began to leave the tunnel, the dogs began to bark in the prison yard, pointing out that the Prison Authority has a new alarm system that works when dogs bark.

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dogs are barking

He said that this system actually worked after the dogs started barking, and the alarm sounded in the control room, but the guard in charge did not notice this because he was watching TV.

According to the same source, the surveillance cameras recorded the escape and the prisoners’ exit from the tunnel, adding that the prisoner Zakaria Al-Zubaidi was the first to leave the tunnel.

One of the prisoners encountered a problem in the tunnel

While one of the prisoners had difficulty getting out of the narrow opening, the other prisoners pulled him out.

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The prisoners remained near the tunnel opening for about 20 minutes, then moved to the agricultural lands near the tunnel, without anyone noticing their movements.

The Israeli website also indicated that, days before the escape, there was sand in the sewage system in Gilboa Prison.

Sand in prison trash cans

He stated that cleaners inside the prison found sand in the garbage containers, adding: “The jailers told them that everything was fine.”

The prisoner escape incident caused great embarrassment to the occupation authorities, especially since Gilboa prison is considered one of the prisons that enjoys extreme immunity.

The escape operation prompted Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to harshly criticize the Israeli Prison Service, on Sunday, September 12, 2021.

Bennett said that “there has been a great series of failures and failures, some of the country’s systems have deteriorated in recent years.”

He added that “the amount of energy and efforts to fix the series of mistakes and failures is enormous,” considering that fixing mistakes “needs examining and drawing lessons and lessons.”

Bennett also indicated that he had “taken a decision with Minister of Internal Security Omer Bar-Lev to form a committee to examine the escape incident (from Gilboa prison),” and pointed out that the examination would be comprehensive and serious.

The occupation takes revenge on the prisoners of Gilboa prison

Today, Monday, September 13, 2021, the 90 Palestinian prisoners in Section 3 of Gilboa Prison were subjected to brutal assault by the occupation authorities during the process of transferring them from the high-security prison to another prison.

This was revealed by the Palestinian Prisoners Club, and said in a statement posted on its Facebook page and monitored by (Watan), that the prisoners who were transferred from Section 3 in Gilboa Prison (North) to Shata Prison (next to Gilboa Prison), numbering about 90, were subjected to torture. severely beaten and abused during the transfer process.

The statement added, “The attack on them continued after their transfer, for hours, to Shata prison.”

The statement also mentioned that on September 8, the Gilboa prison administration transferred the prisoners in section “3” after a confrontation that took place between the prisoner Malik Hamed and one of the warders, according to the Prisoner Club.

And on Wednesday, the Prisoners’ Affairs Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization said in a statement that the “repression units” of the Israeli prison service carried out “brutal acts of repression against the prisoners in Section No. 3” in Gilboa prison, after six prisoners escaped from it.

Gilboa Prison

On September 6, six Palestinian prisoners escaped from the high-security Gilboa prison in northern Israel, through a tunnel dug from their cell to the outside of the prison.

Four of them were re-arrested last Friday and Saturday, while the Israeli security forces are searching for the activist Yaqoub Nafi’at, and Ayham Fouad Kammaji.

The number of prisoners in Gilboa prison exceeds 360, divided into four sections, each consisting of 15 rooms, and containing about 90 prisoners.

The number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons is about 4,650, including 40 female prisoners, and about 200 minors. In addition to 520 administrative prisoners (without charge or trial), as of September 6, according to a statement by the Prisoner Club.

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