“Exporter of Chemicals” discusses cooperation with “Ali Baba” to increase exports


Export councils discuss mechanisms of selling “online”

Abu Al-Makarem: Forming a team with the electronic platform to follow up on export orders

The Export Council for Chemical Industries and Fertilizers, with the “Ali Baba” e-commerce platform, discussed cooperation opportunities to increase the sector’s exports to foreign markets, enter new markets, and reach the largest number of international buyers.

The council said in a statement that representatives of the “Ali Baba” platform in Egypt and China reviewed the possibility of benefiting from the site in finding new buyers in more than 180 countries in which the platform is spread worldwide.
He added that it is scheduled to hold workshops with the participation of companies, members of the Council, to discuss the executive steps for cooperation between the two sides during the next stage.

Khaled Abu al-Makarem, head of the Export Council for Chemical Industries and Fertilizers, said that the coming period will witness meetings between the “Ali Baba” platform and some export councils, to discuss mechanisms of joint cooperation to increase exports.

He added to “Al Borsa” that the platform considers the export councils to be the most powerful party through which it can reach the Egyptian companies exporting for sale through them via the website.

He explained that after agreeing with some export councils, he will form a team from both sides to follow up on export orders and products to be sold through the site, expecting to attract new customers through this agreement.

Youssef Mohamed, representative of “Ali Baba” in Egypt, said that the current period is the right time for companies to resort to e-marketing to increase the volume of their exports.

He added that about 30% of companies conduct their transactions electronically after the “Corona” pandemic, and that about 40% of manufacturers and exporters deal through electronic platforms, and 77% of buyers prefer to deal via video.

He explained that the increase in exports through the platform takes place through 4 stages, the first is the creation of a portal on the “Ali Baba” website, followed by making sure that the companies on the platform are actually existing and have a commercial and industrial registry and have credibility, then display the products on the portal and launch an account for the company’s work team to receive customer requests. .

Abdo Sholah, a member of the Board of Directors of the Furniture Export Council, said that some of the sector’s products are suitable for display on e-commerce platforms, such as chairs and desks, while consumers do not prefer to buy products such as bedrooms and dining “online.”

He added to “Al Borsa”, that the global shift towards selling via e-commerce platforms will force manufacturers to move in this framework in the coming period.

He explained that the presence on the global electronic sales sites is not only for displaying and selling products, but it may be a good opportunity to promote the Egyptian product, because being among the rest of the global products is a gain in itself.

He said, “What is not realized, not all of it is left,” and it is necessary to benefit as much as possible from that experience, and it could be an opportunity to attract the attention of consumers to Egyptian products.

Mary Lewis, head of the Ready-to-Wear Export Council, said that the council is preparing a plan to promote Egyptian products through global electronic sales platforms.

She added to “Al Borsa” that this step comes within dealing with the changes that affected the sector following the outbreak of the Corona virus, which led to an increase in the activity of the e-commerce sector globally.

She explained that the local sector companies have an opportunity to achieve growth in sales through electronic sales, and the council seeks to increase companies’ awareness of the most prominent electronic marketing mechanisms in the coming period.

The article “Export of Chemicals” discusses cooperation with “Ali Baba” to increase exports was written in Al Borsa newspaper.