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Fajr Al-Saeed describes Elissa as the heroine after statements attributed to her about Israel A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Statements attributed to the Lebanese artist, Elissa, about Israel, sparked widespread controversy on social media.

The biggest lie we live

This came after the “Israel Speaks Arabic” page on the social networking site “Twitter” published a statement that it said belonged to the artist Elissa. She had stated it on MTV, during which she said: “The biggest lie we used to live is that Israel is our enemy.”

The account “Israel Speaks Arabic” commented on Elisa’s statement: “All respect to the artist Elisa on the word truth. The truth is the bitter medicine, for this reason many can only take the brave.

Tweeters interact

The statement attributed to the artist Elissa sparked a wide debate among the tweeters, some of them doubted its authenticity, and some of them attacked the Lebanese artist, so he wrote. One of them: “But she was referring to the enemy of Lebanon, Hezbollah, not you … she did not mean to raise it for you.”

While another attacked her, saying: “Elisa is a human rights worker who defends women, Emporing Wiming and Weming Ritz.“ The biggest lie we were living with is that Israel is our enemy. ” What about the women of occupied Palestine! What about the children that Israel kills daily, what about the occupation !? False principles are uglier on earth. ”

Another commented: “My enemies are those who do not antagonize you, killers.”

Another considered that normalization had begun to reach the artistic community, and wrote: “Normalization is underway … it is time for the artistic community!”

One of the tweets asked Elissa to respond to the statement attributed to her, and wrote: “As lovers of Elissa and as one Arab Prime Time Zone, we demand Elisa. To respond and deny this news and silence the enemy.

Others mentioned Elisa’s stances, so a tweet re-published one of her statements and wrote: “As a reminder, you don’t try to lie, the artist most defended the case. It is Elissa Shaklo, forgot the false spokesman, the block followed you.

Another re-published her famous phrase, commenting: “An impudent occupier, yesterday and today, and in a wheel.”

Another agreed, and wrote: “An impudent occupier, she answered the same every time I clacked the next time.”

While another accused her of seeking golden residency in the Emirates, and commented: “This is how they will give the Emirates the golden residency.”

The controversial Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, praised Elissa and considered her statement to be true, and wrote: “Every day that passes, I have more respect and appreciation for this artist. I have not seen a star freely saying her opinion without fear of an audience reaction like her. ”

Al-Saeed added, “A heroine at a time when social media and electronic committees are not terrorized, and he freely declares his opinion. He is the true hero.”

While the Lebanese media, Iman Ibrahim, questioned the validity of the statement, and wrote: “In what context did Elisa’s word about Israel come from?” Because I do not believe a letter from this page.

Elisa’s business manager replies

While Elisa remained silent, her manager, Amin Abi Yaghi, denied this statement.

Yaghi said in a press statement, “If this statement comes out through an Israeli newspaper, then surely this story about Elisa will be written on her taste.”

Yaghi pointed out that Elisa did not give any interview recently, or perhaps they altered her words in the interview on MTV, marking 20 years. On her artistic career, that is, three months ago, he categorically denied that Elisa made such a statement.

Elisa and the normalization of the Emirates

Elisa previously refused to comment on the deal Emirati-Israeli normalization Given that this event does not concern her.

Elisa revealed her position on the peace agreement between the UAE and Israel, after one of her followers mentioned her in her tweet rejecting the deal of the century. Which she had written in it: “He said,“ The Deal of the Century will bring peace… on the blood of millions of Prime Time Zone who singled out and those who did not allocate… What is the ugliness of politics when justice is absent from it. The house is ours, and Jerusalem is ours, peace is in our hands, and the Arab rulers are working conditions that do not see or hear.

Elisa’s opinion has completely changed, and she said that she is now neutral and has nothing to do with the Emirati issue. Those who work in the Emirates, with their love and respect, are a special decision in them, and they do not refuse to intervene in my country, without interfering in their countries. And when he is in a situation related to my country, no one can explain Aa Zoukou.

The tweeters attacked Elissa after this tweet, accusing her of being a contradiction, running behind her interests, and changing her positions according to “her source of livelihood.”

Shameless occupier

Elisa’s fans at the time expressed their shock at her, especially since she was known for her national positions in support of Palestine against Israel, and mentioned her public disagreements. With the IDF Spokesman Avichai Adraei, who ended up doing her “block” for him and spreading her famous phrase “shameless occupier”.

Elisa criticized Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians in the tweet to which Avichai responded, writing: “The land of Palestine is slowly being lost. We are watching. What law and any law that transforms this land from a land of peace to a land of war?

“Adraei” responded to Elissa, in which he said that Hamas is responsible for this painful situation, stressing that it is pushing the Gaza Strip towards more violence.

After that, Elissa blocked the account of “Adraei”, saying: “This is a shameless one that can only be answered by a block”, before publishing a hashtag titled “# Occupied_Instant”.

Elisa and the psychiatrist

And recently, Elissa revealed that for 15 years she has been visiting a psychiatrist, which helped her overcome many problems, feel mental stability, and obtain psychological balance.

During the second episode of the “Podcast”, she indicated that mental health played an essential role in her life, so she liked to shed light on this topic as she realizes its value and scientific role.

And she continued: “Talking about mental health is forbidden, especially in our eastern societies. They still consider that only the insane goes to a psychiatrist.”

She added: “This is what makes it necessary for us to break this barrier and fortify our psychological immunity, because today, more than any time, we are facing great pressures. We were not prepared for it, neither healthily nor psychologically, especially in our Lebanese society, whether due to the economic and financial crisis, leading to the Corona epidemic that made everyone equal.

The Lebanese artist saw that “Al-Asabia” is the direct cause of all diseases that appear in the human body, stressing that everyone who wants to establish. Family Communicate with a psychiatrist or specialists in this matter to find out how to deal with the child in order to prepare him for a normal and healthy life.

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Fajr Al-Saeed describes Elissa as the heroine after statements attributed to her about Israel  A nation is tweeting out of tune