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Fakhria Khamis publishes her first photo after having her breasts removed completely | A nation is singing out of tune


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Omani actress Fakhria Khamis revealed her looks after a long journey of treatment with cancer that led to the removal of her breasts.

The disease began to fade

Fakhria Khamis published a picture of her through her official account on “Instagram”, during which she appeared in a pajama with military inscriptions, and commented on it: “In the name of God, may God bless you. For your patients ”.

Fakhria Khamis referred to her health condition, saying: “Oh God, praise and thanks be to God Almighty and His care, the disease began to diminish with the continuation of targeted and enhanced treatment at a rate every three weeks until the end of October.

And she continued: “Also, I will start daily radiation sessions for a period of about a month and a half, starting next Sunday at the Royal Hospital, the National Center for Oncology.”

“I have grandchildren and children who are hurting.”

This came days after Fakhriyah Khamis expressed her grief and anger, due to the widespread rumor of her recent death.

Fakhria Khamis said at the time in a video posted on the “Story” feature on “Instagram”: “I received numerous calls to check on the remoteness of the rumor that affected my loved ones, friends and fans. I have children and grandchildren who are hurt by such rumors. ”

Fakhria Khamis appealed to her audience not to be drawn into any news without verifying its authenticity.

She added: “If you can, pray for me only, God is in His hand to heal, and my condition is between the tide, but I try to be strong and not succumb to disease, thank God.”

The Omani artist indicated that she was in the hospital to be with her eldest daughter during her birth, but she was surprised by messages informing her of her death!

Fakhria once again sent a message to her fans, saying, “Do not believe any rumor you hear. Especially spreading evil that hurts others. Be sure first and then spread if you like. But something you are not sure of, do not publish it, because you may shock someone’s death with this news.

Fakhria Khamis confirmed that she does not like to pray to Prime Time Zone who spread insults about her, because the patient’s call is answered, as she put it.

Removing the breasts completely.

The Omani artist announced during the past days that she had successfully undergone the operation to remove tumors and some affected lymph nodes under the armpits and completely remove the breasts at Muscat Private Hospital.

Khamis thanked the medical staff for the care and attention, stressing that the hospital administration ensured the treatment of the eradication without paying any financial sums.

Fakhriya Khamis said that she will complete the treatment plan after the last eradication procedure at the National Cancer Center at the Royal Hospital.

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