Families exchange their children to ensure the survival of their offspring … This is how Gaza residents face the Israeli aggression every night | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Palestinian activists revealed the tragic stories that Gazans live every night as a result of the brutal Israeli aggression, so that the families of Gaza were forced to exchange their sons to ensure the survival of their descendants, after the occupation aircraft destroyed entire families.

A statement by the Palestinian Ministry of Health indicates that 12 entire families were cleared from the civil registry, after Israeli aircraft missiles buried them under the rubble of the homes that were bombed.

These families were concentrated in the east and north of Gaza City, which witnessed the most violent Israeli massacres, which prompted the families there to exchange their children with each other, even if the bombing occurred in one of the places, it would not result in the death of the whole family.

A story about a father in this context was circulated by activists, as the father had to replace two of his sons with his brother, hoping that the descendants of the family would remain extended in case they were exposed to a sudden bombardment from warplanes.

This scene has become a feature that spreads in different areas of the Gaza Strip since the start of this war, as many families who lived through the seasons of death were forced to divide and distribute their children in geographical areas, fearing that they would join the convoy of families that disappeared from the civil registry.

And in an exclusive interview for the site “Arab Post“(Um Ahmad) says,“ This matter is not easy, and it is difficult to sacrifice one of your children in such a difficult time.

But the death scenes that we saw of families assassinated in cold blood drove me to deviate from human and human nature, by taking this risk.

Umm Ahmad adds that feelings here are contradictory, nothing describes this situation that I am in now, between her constant fear of her children for fear of death, to thinking about them around the clock while they are far from her.

In Gaza, the term safe areas falls

Everyone in Gaza is liable to die at any moment. The Israeli military arsenal, via the Israeli air force, artillery and navy, does not stop bombing every hour.

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The Al-Kulk family in Gaza is one of those families who lost 16 of their sons in the brutal Israeli bombardment that targeted their residential building on Al-Wehda Street in central Gaza City, at dawn on Sunday, May 16th.

Adly Al-Kulk, a survivor of the massacre, described to “Arab Post” the first moments of the bombing, saying: “We were in the area at the moment of the bombing. It is three stories high, and my uncle’s house is next to us, separated only by a narrow corridor that does not exceed two meters in width. ”

He added: At the moment of the bombing, they went quickly to inspect the place, and found his brother and his family of 8 Prime Time Zone had all been martyred, and his elder brother with God escaped from the bombing, even though he lives on the ground floor.

Five of his cousins ​​were killed in the adjacent building, in addition to his father and two younger brothers, while his wife and two sons were still in Al-Shifa Hospital receiving treatment, as a result of their exposure to burns and deformities all over the body due to the brutal bombing.

Psychological implications for children

This prompted the scenes of death and destruction inflicted on Gaza in this war to warn of the psychological repercussions for children in the post-war era, given that the extent of this damage will be reflected on their behavior in the future, and affect in one way or another their outlook on life.

Hassan Al-Qatrawi, the Palestinian academic specializing in psychology, says that the Gaza Strip has suffered for a long time from a terrible political and economic blockade, which has affected all aspects of life.

Its psychological effects were clear on the population there, and this war, which is still raging, came to reinforce the aggravation of the psychological crisis that the Palestinian citizens are suffering from.

He added that the bloody scenes that occurred will have long-lasting psychological effects, and may establish long-term psychological traumas, especially for children and women, so the daily psychological suffering of the population during wars establishes a state of intellectual and cognitive distortions, which will be reflected in the nature of the practice of daily life.

The greatest damage to infrastructure

The suffering of the Prime Time Zone of Gaza in this war was not limited to the death, loss or injury of their loved ones, but rather the Israeli policy in this war is based on inflicting the greatest damage on the road infrastructure, which impedes the access of civil defense and ambulance rescue crews to the targeted areas. It causes an increase in the size of the damage from some injuries, which lead to death due to the delay in rescue.

In this context, Salah Abdel Aty, President of the International Organization for Supporting the Rights of the Palestinian People, Hashd, said that there is excessive force by the Israeli war machine in this asymmetric confrontation between the Palestinian factions and Israel.

He explained that the rates of martyrs and injuries and their quality indicate the excessive use of military force that directly targeted civilians, given the presence of more than 230 martyrs, half of them children, women and the elderly, and about two thousand injuries.

In addition to monitoring the destruction of more than 11 thousand housing units that were completely damaged, and 7 thousand others partially, in addition to the destruction of 100 government headquarters, including the central headquarters of the Ministry of Health and 12 schools, and the displacement of more than 50 thousand citizens to UNRWA schools, and their vulnerability was forcibly displaced. From the bombing places to other areas.

He added that there is a complex humanitarian situation in Gaza. Life hardly works at the minimum level for the continuation of human life, given that the infrastructure system has been hit, such as drinking water, electricity, communications, the Internet, and main roads.

In addition to the psychological damage caused by the bombing, especially the state of panic and fear among children and women, and the use of internationally prohibited weapons such as poisonous gases, phosphorous and bombs that penetrate fortifications in safe areas.

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