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Fans of “Neymar” interact with his new tattoo on his account, which carried a passionate phrase | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Samba star and striker in the French-Brazilian Paris Saint-Germain team “Neymar” has been published. Through his account on the social networking sites “Instagram”.

A picture that bore the player’s new tattoo. The blog has enthusiastic and exciting terms. He was admired by millions of his fans and fans.

The Brazilian player wrote on the photo he published shortly before his rival, former Champions League champion, Bayern Munich, on Wednesday.

On his thigh in Portuguese “People don’t understand how obsessed I am with winning”. And that photo also won the admiration of more than two and a half million through his account.

Suspension for two matches

The Brazilian player “Neymar” is scheduled to miss two matches in the French League. After being sent off in his team’s match against leaders Lille. After receiving a red card in the final minutes of the match. Despite his first participation after returning from injury.

The expulsion of Neymar lost Paris Saint-Germain to re-sit at the top of the Premier League “League” again. After the opponent beat him with a clean goal without a response. To remain in the league standings, three points clear of the leaders. In addition to the player receiving two warnings.

It was the first in the first melee after getting his hand on Benjamin Andre’s face. And the second for his strong push by Portuguese Thiago Dagalo.

In his last game in the French League, the quarrel continued between him and Portuguese Dagalo. While the player exits to the dressing room. In footage published by global media.

Suspension for one match

The defender got to the French team Lille Djallo. The penalty shall be suspension for one match. In addition to another suspended game. It is also the second expulsion of the Neymar player during the current season. He was sent off in the match against Marseille as well in the Premier League.

Details of the match with Bayern Munich

Paris Saint-Germain succeeded in achieving a 3-2 victory over rival Bayern Munich. In the first-leg match of the quarter-finals of the 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League. In the brilliance of the Brazilian player Neymar, who scored two goals in the match.

My goal is Mbappe

Minutes after the whistle blew the start of the match between the two giants, French star Clian Mbappe managed to score the first goal in the third minute with a beautiful cross from Brazilian Neymar.

To return again in adding the second goal in the 68th minute of the second half, with a powerful shot from inside the penalty area, which came to the right of the net of German Bavarian goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

The goal of the Brazilian Marquinhos

PSG captain Marquinhos scored 26 years old. The second goal of the meeting. In the 28th minute, after a long cross by fellow Brazilian Neymar. The player scored strongly against the owners of the land, the German team Bayern Munich.

To come out minutes later on the field floor, after feeling an injury in the thigh. Which influenced him to complete the course of the events of the meeting with the Paris Saint-Germain team in the face of the German Bavarian rival.

Return to meet

The holder of the match also returned after scoring goals in his own net at his field, where the first goal came in the 37th minute by German striker “Eric Maxime Chubu-Moting” 31. After a fixed corner kick, the player scored with his head to the right of Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Clor Navas.

While the second goal in the meeting came for the German team “Bayern Munich” by the German player Thomas Muller, 31 years old. In the 60th minute of the events of the meeting.

After a counterattack by the German Bavarian team. She eventually settled in the visitors’ net, Paris Saint-Germain. To end the meeting with three goals to two goals.

Goalkeeper Navas starred

Bayern Munich tried to exert great pressure on Paris Saint-Germain players. Inside the field floor. In order to score the equalizer. But he failed to do so. Under the ingenuity of the goalkeeper of the Parisian Navas, who performed well in the match.

To deal with many killer balls, towards the net of his team, Paris Saint-Germain. And keep his nets in order to get out of the match with a victory. This is what the French Parisian team has achieved on Bayern Munich.

Facing the comeback

PSG will return. After achieving victory in the first leg over the defending champion “Bayern Munich” in his field.

To return next weekend to meet his counterpart again. To determine the team that qualified for the semi-finals of the Champions League. Where both teams will gather at the “Princes Park” stadium in the French capital.

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