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Fatima Al-Moamen surprised her followers with the first picture with her fiancé … Is he a Saudi! | A nation is singing out of tune


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The Kuwaiti fascist Fatima Al-Mumin surprised her followers by announcing her engagement without introductions, to a person whose name she did not reveal and whose identity was not revealed.

It became official

Fatima Al-Moamen published a picture on her official account on “Snapchat”, which she gathered with her fiancé, who covered his face, and each raised his hand to review the engagement ring, accompanied by a comment: “The matter has become official.”

The tweeters mocked the coverage of Fatima’s fiancé, the believer, and said that the girl is the one who is supposed to cover her face, and some of them doubted that she was the owner of the picture, suggesting that she was her sister.

70 thousand dinars monthly income!

Fatima Al-Mumin was the talk of activists on social media a few days ago, after talking about the monthly income that she achieved through advertisements.

Fatima Al-Mumin said during her hosting on the “Cinderella” program presented by the journalist Saleh Al-Rashed on the Kuwaiti ATV channel, that her income exceeds 70 thousand dinars (231 thousand dollars) in some months.

Fatima pointed out that the large amount of money became bored, adding: “As an influencer through social media, I get things I do not want. And when I go shopping, nothing dazzles me anymore and I do not enjoy the same way as before, because everything is now for me. ”

When Saleh Al-Rashed asked her where to spend her money, Fatima Al-Mumin replied: “I do not like to show off my wealth. Because there are those who see me and will feel inferior, and I like to spend it on travel and routine things.

I will donate to Beirut

And she continued: “I will donate to Beirut because of what it is going through. I even bought a car for a normal amount, but later I felt guilty. I said that Beirut deserves this money. We should help each other.

Fatima Al-Moamen refused at first to disclose the value of her monthly income, but she returned and said: “It is delivered to fifty or seventy thousand Kuwaiti dinars.”

And Fatima continued, “I expect any social media celebrity who is currently following me, you will agree with me.”

I want to marry my Saudi man

In response to a question about the nationality she wants to marry, Fatima al-Mumin said: “Frankness, many nationalities are sweet. But I love the Saudi nationality. ”

Fatima indicated that her future groom does not have to be Kuwaiti, but she prefers to be a Gulf.

On the reason for her preference for a Saudi husband, Fatima said: I love the Saudi dialect and I love their values, and my mother is Saudi.

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