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The name of the Egyptian artist, Fatima Koshary, topped the list of the most frequently discussed topics on search engines, after she fell ill due to a fatal medical error after she underwent surgery a few days ago.

The beginning was when Fatima Koshary underwent surgery, last Tuesday, due to what she suffers from severe pain in the abdominal area due to an enlarged (hernia).

After undergoing emergency surgery to remove it in a hospital, Fatima Koshary was surprised days later by the presence of a foreign body next to the operation site.

And when the Egyptian artist decided to go to the doctor to be sure and underwent another surgery to discover that the doctor forgot inside her (medical gauze) that caused her this suffering.

Fatima Koshary.. The Syndicate of Professions did not care

And the pioneers of social networking sites circulated a picture of Fatima Koshary from inside a hospital, while she was lying on a sick bed.

As the artist feels severe pain and suffers so far from the effects of the surgery, she walks with a medical gauze wrapped around the abdominal area, and says: (Every time I find something swollen like football, and I feel that it will explode from the heat in it, I do not want anyone but a doctor to see my condition).

And she continued, in a statement to the Egyptian newspaper (Al-Watan): (I am crying from pain and every time I go to the doctor, he opens my stomach again, and he says that it has accumulated pus, and I do not know what to do).

Fatima Koshary said that she contacted the Syndicate of Acting Professions, to help her, but they did not care about her, because she is not a member of the union.

Artists in solidarity with Fatima Koshary

However, the local newspaper (Akhbar Al-Youm) quoted its sources as saying that the Captain of Actors, Ashraf Zaki, contacted Fatima Koshary to treat her.

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The captain pledged that he would not leave Fatima Koshary in her crisis, even though she is not a member of the syndicate, and that she will be presented to a major surgeon until the mistake she was exposed to is corrected.

Many from inside and outside the artistic community sympathized with Fatima Koshary, including the artist, Engy Khattab, who shared a picture of Fatima Koshary during her interview with a newspaper, during which she tells the scenes of her health condition.

Engy Khattab commented on the photo she posted via (Instagram): (I saw a video of the famous artist Fatima Koshary on this six newspaper, Al-Watan. She worked many small roles in the cinema, they say that she is tired and returned to work on the Arabic Koshary because she has a problem in her stomach and needs a process).

Engy Khattab appealed to businessmen and artists to direct her health condition and try to help her, and she said: (If one of the businessmen or great artists can deliver her and help her, I can help with you to fulfill my ability. ).

Fatima Koshary also revealed in a press statement that the artist, Nihal Anbar, had already contacted her and booked an appointment for her with a doctor in the Zamalek area, in addition to a call from the artist Shaima Seif, who has a strong relationship with her.

Despite her difficult circumstances after her father’s death and her mother’s illness, artist Donia Samir Ghanem demanded that Koshary be treated.

Fatima said: (Shaima Seif called me and told me that you are the best of Alia, and the beautiful artist Donia Samir Ghanem, she said that Fatima must treat Zina exactly, this is her right, and Amina called me and said I will send you a special doctor, this is not very many artists).

The president of the extravagant association is unable to pay!

For his part, Ibrahim Omran, head of the extravagant association, said that the association’s financial resources are very weak, while spending from its own budget on it, especially the monthly rent of the headquarters.

Omran stressed that the association is not able to provide the necessary medical care to Fatima Koshary after her health deteriorated.

Ibrahim Omran confirmed in press statements that he is keen to communicate with Koshary, on a daily basis, that she underwent a hernia operation last March, to check on her health condition.

He added: (The association will not be able to help her financially or provide the necessary care for her. The association wants someone to help it).

Omran pointed out that the members of the association have not paid the annual subscription for a long time, which contributed to the poverty of the association’s financial resources, adding: (I pay the rent out of my pocket every month… and I can close it at any time as long as no one asks).

About Fatima Koshary

It is worth noting that Koshary is one of the most famous female extravaganzas in Egypt, and she was nicknamed Fatima because of her father’s profession.

Fatima Koshary appeared with the media, Iman Al-Hosari, on the dmc screen, and confirmed during the meeting that her entry into acting came by chance, during her visit to Imad El-Din Street, to buy a refrigerator for her mother and sisters daughters after the death of her father, attracted by a group of artists, cameras and lighting that filled the place.

Koshary said that she went to them and said to them, “You are from me.” One of them replied, “We are filming a movie.” She loved acting after seeing the scene that was filmed in front of her, and decided immediately to go to the official in charge of the extras to assign him a role in “The Grandchildren’s Struggle” and ( Execution Brigade).

As for Fatima’s latest artistic work, the series (Jamal Al-Harem), starring the Lebanese Nour, was shown on the (dmc) channel, and it achieved great success at the time of its presentation.

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