Fiery confrontations await … Champions League quarter-final draw details A nation is tweeting out of tune


In strong and exciting confrontations for football fans and fans around the world between the teams competing in the quarter-finals. From the Champions League this season 2020-2021 AD.

European Football Association

It also resulted in the draw for the quarter-finals of the Champions League competition, which took place this Friday afternoon. Inside the UEFA headquarters, in the Swiss city of Nyon.

About confrontations that carry a surprise, despite the nomination of the former defending champion, Bayern Munich, to preserve his title in this tournament and to crown again.

Draw results

Paris Saint-Germain x Bayern Munich

The French League champion “Paris Saint-Germain” collides against the German defending champion Bayern Munich. In the face of revenge for the PSG team, who lost the final of the last edition of the championship in 2019.

Leferball x real Madrid

The English Liverpool team, “Reds”, will also face the Spanish Meringue “Real Madrid.” In the face of restitution for the English team. Where the German coach Juergen Klopp will seek to save his disastrous season with the team and a series of historic losses on his field.

During the English Premier League competitions, to reach the final of the tournament. In addition to revenge from the Spanish royal team after losing the title in the Kiev final in 2018. Which was crowned by the Spanish Real Madrid team.

Borussia Dutmund x Manchester City

The German team Borussia Dutmund also signed in front of the Premier League leaders and broke records under the leadership of his Spanish coach, who makes history during his coaching career with the team. But this match brings power and excitement between both rivals.

Porto Portuguese x Chelsea, England

The draw also resulted in a strong confrontation between the Portuguese league leaders and former defending champions FC Porto against the Chelsea “Blues” team. Who recovered after the disastrous results that the team experienced with the start of the English Premier League and the dismissal of its former coach, Frank Lampard.

To come the German Thomas Tuchel. Who succeeded in leading the English team in a few weeks to fourth place in the Premier League table.

As well as crossing the team and qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Champions League. After his success in eliminating the Spanish League leaders Atlรฉtico de Madrid, the “Blancos”.

Elimination of Juventus and the absence of Ronaldo

His rival, Porto, also succeeded in eliminating the Juventus team, “the old lady”, from the round of 16 of the Champions League for this season. And for the third time in a row.

The record-breaking Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronado, will be absent for 36 years. Who managed to score 137 goals in the competition with all European clubs that Don Ronaldo played with.

Details of the quarter-final matches

The winner of the Liverpool match, “The Reds”, is against his rival, Real Madrid, of Spain. The winner of the English Chelsea match and a quarter-final competition will face FC Porto.

The qualifier from the German match Rotmond and his rival Manchester City. The winner of the Paris Saint-Germain match and his terrifying guest, the former defending champion, will face Bayern Munich.

Dates for matches

Go stage

The first leg of the quarter-finals of the CAF Champions League will also be the first leg. On the evening of Tuesday, the sixth of April next.

Which will be between both of: Manchester City and its rival Dortmund. Also, at the same time, another match will be between Porto and Chelsea, England.

While the Liverpool match will be on Wednesday evening, the seventh day of April, between the English team Liverpool and its rival, Real Madrid, Spain.

At the same time, he will play Paris Saint-Germain, France, against Bayern Munich.

The return match date

The return match between the teams that qualified for the quarter-finals of the tournament will be held on the third and fourteenth of next April.

Which will be the decisive match between the teams and knowledge of the qualifiers for the semi-finals of the 2020-2021 UEFA Champions League.

Real Madrid and its strong confrontations

Real Madrid will face its strongest rival, Liverpool, in the first leg of April 6.

Four days later, he was separated from the date of the Spanish “El Clasico” at the top of the thirtieth week of the Premier League, in front of his opponent and his traditional rivals in the game, revenge Barcelona.

He will also return on the thirteenth of the same month in the return leg against Liverpool, England. In a match to determine his fate. Within one week.

Whereas, Real Madrid is the only Spanish team in the quarter-finals league. In front of the German, English and Portuguese clubs in the near-to-end competition.

Zidane and leave Real

And according to Spanish reports, Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane. He decides to leave the Royal Spanish team at the end of the season.

Amid the request of the French Federation, which is planning to give him the task of leading the French roosters after the Euro Championship.