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The Egyptian dancer, Fifi Abdo, sparked widespread controversy by dancing on the most famous sad songs of the Syrian artist, George Wassouf.

Fifi Abdo dances on “Doctor Surgeon”

And Fifi Abdo published a video, while she was wearing jeans with Tiger, and a black bare-shoulder top, and she was dancing to the song (A surgeon).

Fifi commented on the video, as follows: (A surgeon from the North Coast with the best George Wassouf, good morning).

Which sparked a wave of ridicule around Fifi, and he danced to a song with sad words and melodies, so it came in the comments: (The song is in Wadi and the dance is in Wadi Tani).

irony and criticism

And another wrote: (Poor George A. Halsa, this song is not for dancing, I wish you good luck, beautiful Fofa).

Another mocked in her comment: (Fifi, the song is sad, my sister, the shaking is uncontrollable).

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Another demanded to explain the matter to Fifi, saying: (One who understands the song is not for dancing).

Another asked a question expressing his shock: (Does she dance to a surgeon?).

A shocking question from Nizar Al-Fares

In another context, the Iraqi broadcaster Nizar Al-Fares asked a shocking question to Fifi Abdo, during the official presentation of his dialogue with Al-Barmo on his program (With Al-Fares) on Al-Rashid channel.

Nizar Al-Fares asked Fifi, saying: (Do you want to write on your grave the dancer after your death?), while signs of astonishment and shock appeared on her face.

In the episode that will be shown next Friday, Fifi Abdo will reveal the date of her retirement from dance and art, her most prominent artistic stations, and the specifications of her dream boy.

Earlier, the Egyptian dancer revealed the secrets of her beginnings in dancing, and said that she started dancing and paid 150 piasters, and gave two members in her troupe 25 piasters each.

Fifi Abdo and Wafaa Al Kilani
Fifi Abdo and Wafaa Al Kilani

Regarding the first dance suit she wore, Fifi said that its price was 15 pounds in installments, and the first time she stood wearing it, she saluted the band instead of the audience; “Because I am not used to it.” according to her

And Fifi Abdo revealed in the “Sira” program presented by the media, Wafaa Al-Kilani, on the Dmc channel, that she had sent her mother for Hajj, noting that her father reprimanded her for sending her mother to perform Hajj without him.

Fifi said: “I told him how I prepared the Hajj for you, you and my mother, and at that time I did not have any money with me, and he was very happy when I told him that.”

And Fifi added: “God gave me a livelihood because the two of them travel.”

She said that she got work with Prime Time Zone who were organizing parties with the artist Abdel Halim Hafez and other singers, and said that her father, when he returned from the Hajj, died before the completion of 40 days.

And she added: “When my father returned to Egypt, he went to his second wife, and my mother and I were traveling to Libya to shoot the movie “The Message.”

On the death of her mother, she said that she was going to visit her brothers and suddenly felt tired and it turned out that she had a stroke.

She said that one of her brothers accused her of being the cause of their mother’s death, adding: “At that time I was going crazy because I had never upset my mother, and the stroke caused a problem with the tongue that she wouldn’t know how to speak, and I was dying and talking because I knew what I did.”

And she continued: “When the doctor came, he said good morning, my mother replied to him, and I thanked God because I knew that she was satisfied with me, and I remained 9 years alive after the stroke.

Fifi Abdo’s real name

Fifi Abdo revealed her name to Haqiqi, and said that her name was “Atiyat”, and that her mother was the one who named her after him because she only gave birth to females, noting that she pampered herself “Tata”.

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And about the reason for hiding her mother’s name, Fifi said that she was afraid that someone would work for her, and she mentioned that I and many want to harm her.

Fifi recounted the story of her escape from home at the age of 12, while she said that her mother was firm and strict in raising her and her sisters, even before marriage, she did not know how to give birth to humans, and she thought all the time that mating takes place through the knee, as her mother told her while she small.

Fifi Abdo to investigation

And judicial sources said that the investigation authorities decided to refer the complaint submitted by lawyer Ashraf Farhat against Fifi Abdo, to the Appeals Prosecution for investigation.

Ashraf Farhat, founder of the campaign (to purify society), had submitted a complaint against Fifi to the Public Prosecutor, on charges of spreading immorality and immorality.

In the details reported by local media, the Egyptian lawyer, Ashraf Farhat, submitted a complaint to the Attorney General, Hamada Al-Sawy, against Fifi Abdo, accusing her of spreading immorality and immorality.

Farhat, the founder of the campaign (Purifying the Society), based his communication on Fifi Abdo’s video, in which she appeared only dancing with a towel.

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