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The Egyptian dancer, Fifi Abdo, announced the end of her health crisis, after she underwent surgery months ago, after receiving a (wrong injection) from a pharmacist.

Fifi Abdo: Let’s stop

In a video that she posted on her social media accounts, Fifi Abdo appeared in a bold dress, as usual, and said: (In the name of God, God is great, this is the first video from the northern coast of this year, every year and you are good on the occasion of Eid al-Adha).

Fifi sent a letter of thanks, saying: (I am happy that our Lord healed me and pardoned me, and I want after that to see and thank the doctors, and the Prime Time Zone who worked hard with me).

Abdo invited her fans to joy and fun and said: (Let’s rest, I came to the world to spoil, I love you very much).

Fifi Abdo: (My granddaughter graduated)

A week ago, Fifi Abdo congratulated her granddaughter on the occasion of her graduation, and as soon as she published her picture, comments about the resemblance between them poured out.

And Fifi published, through her official account on (Instagram), a picture of her granddaughter placing the graduation dome in the center of the university, and attached it to a comment in which she said: “A thousand congratulations, beloved of Tita’s heart, the sweetest Shahd El-Desouki in the world. Graduation, I hope to see you the most beautiful bride, God willing).

The first commentator was the Kuwaiti media, Fajr Al-Saeed, who wrote: (Congratulations, the girl, likened you to carbon.

Another commented: (It has a resemblance to you, Jaffa).

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And a follower wrote: (Talaat Qamar on Tita).

While another attacked Fifi Abdo, saying: (Your granddaughter graduated and after you you are dancing, shame of the sham).

Shahd El Desouky

It is worth noting that Shahd El-Desouki is Fifi Abdo’s granddaughter from her eldest daughter Azza Mujahid, and her father is the late Mahmoud El-Desouki, who died in 2017, after a severe heart attack.

And Azza (38 years old), the daughter of Fifi Abdo from her husband, Egyptian businessman Hussein Megahed, and entered the artistic community through her participation in two dramatic works, namely the series (Kid El-Nisa) and the series (Al Qasrat), and drew attention with her resemblance to her mother.

Fifi Abdo is in a bad psychological state

Earlier, a source close to Abdo revealed the reason for not presenting dancing videos recently, despite the improvement of her health.

The source said that the show dancer used to spread joy and bring happiness to the hearts of her fans, and interact with her audience through social media through videos that carry positive energy.

The source added that Fifi Abdo has moved away from the clips in recent days because of her psychological condition, which was not well, due to the many events she went through, the first of which was her illness, and the last of which was the death of the star Samir Ghanem. In addition, a whole year has passed since the death of Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, with whom she had a strong and good relationship.

The source indicated that Fifi feels restricted in light of the Corona crisis, which has limited communication and distanced Prime Time Zone from each other, which made her feel very sad, as he put it.

He added, “Praise be to God, for the artist’s health condition, Fifi Abdo, she has improved a lot. She is in a completely good condition, and she is currently spending her summer vacation with her family in a coastal area. We hope that she will return in a better psychological condition as well and communicate through social media as she used to.”

Fifi Abdo: Come back again

Weeks ago, Abdo shared with her fans the details of her health condition after undergoing surgery, and then published a video of her through her official account on (Instagram), during which she appeared in an orange dress, and wore a blue eye necklace to prevent envy, as the majority believed.

And Abdo said in the video: (I am back again, group, thank God, the world must walk, and thanks to our Lord, this is thanks to your supplication and thanks to our Lord Almighty, and God willing, there is a small need and I will return again with you).

Abdo promised her fans to appear soon (online), and present new things because she is bored with the old, as she puts it.

Fifi commented on the video: (Praise be to God, Lord, for all those who gave me your love).

forbidden to move

This prevented the doctor who performed a spinal surgery for Fifi Abdo, from a lot of movement for a period of two weeks, until she fully recovered.

Abdo had been exposed to a disease crisis during the last period; After receiving the wrong injection from a pharmacist, where she received it in the nerve instead of the muscle, which caused severe complications in the spine and leg.

Abdo announced at the time that she would undergo surgery due to complications from giving her an injection by mistake.

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