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The Egyptian dancer, Fifi Abdo, crossed all the red lines, and provoked widespread anger among her followers after she performed a dance while naked, covering her body with only a bath towel.

Fifi Abdo from the bathroom to dance!

And Fifi Abdo published the video through her official account on (Instagram), and she appeared in it, and she did her hair and wore her jewelry, and did not forget to decorate her hands and feet and put complete cosmetics, but she did not only wear clothes.

Fifi commented on the video, saying: (Oh, good evening, from the northern coast, the song “The Settlers,” Yama said, with the voice of the singer Medhat Saleh, “Five mothers.”)

In the middle of the dance, the towel fell off Fifi Abdo’s body, but she turned her back to the camera and fixed it again, and continued dancing as if nothing had happened.

(You finished your clothes?)

The comments on the video came as follows: (Your clothes are finished, I mean).

Another wrote: (Fear God in yourself and your age, it is you, you will live your time and the time of others, old lady).

Another blamed the Egyptian authorities for allowing her to do what, and wrote: (The fault is not on the TV and the country that allowed it to do so is a fault, by God).

Another questioned: (I mean, you don’t want to wear after the shower, but then you wear an accessory and put on makeup).

A follow-up commented: (It is not a degree for the towel, we love it as a hobby, but it is not a towel).

And just a few days ago, Fifi Abdo bid farewell to the northern coast, where she spent her summer vacation, with a dance compass on one of the songs of the Lebanese artist Assi El-Hellani.

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And Fifi Abdo published the dance video through her account on (Instagram), as she danced in the green dress, which sparked ridicule the day before, on the song (I am a bird).

And Fifi commented, in which she said: (The bird is flying with the artist Assi El-Hellani, the dress is flying, and I am a bird, and thank God he came to me like this, and I came back from the northern coast safely and every summer and you are good).

Fifi Abdo raised the astonishment of her fans because of her lack of caution in the movement, like her previous dances, after she underwent surgery, and danced in a crazy way.

Fifi Abdo: Two Shaykanin Oi with Shark

Fifi topped the search engines, after the pioneers of social networking sites re-circulated a video of a rare meeting with the media, Hala Sarhan, in which she talked about the suffering of dancers, especially in the winter.

Hala Sarhan said in the interview, that the dancers earn a lot of money easily, which angered Fifi Abdo, who stopped her, saying: (The money is easily irritated. It falls on our feet when it falls out of the dance suit, and the garland that used to scare our feet while we were dancing).

Fifi Abdo recounted the suffering of the dancers in the winter, especially, saying: (In the middle of the cold, we used to dance while we were wearing a dance suit, and the Prime Time Zone in front of us did not know how to roof from the cold.

The late Tahia Karioka was in the same episode, who also talked about money, and confirmed that she had never thought about saving.

Tahia Carioca indicated that she was spending the money quickly, adding: (I benefited from these expenses on those around me and the Prime Time Zone around me, I find a lot as soon as I fall to call me).

Fifi Abdo bought 3 tombs

This rare video was not the first that activists circulated from the same episode. Fifi Abdo told the program why she bought 3 tombs after her father’s death, with the preparation of a special cemetery for her.

During the rare meeting that brought her together with the late Tahia Karioka, and the dancer Najwa Fouad, Fifi talked about death and the reason behind her buying 3 burials, as well as preparing her own room inside the grave.

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At the beginning of the meeting, the media, Hala Sarhan, stated that Fifi is always keen to visit cemeteries and help the families of the deceased during that moment and during the burial process.

Fifi Abdo is not afraid of death

Fifi explained her constant keenness to visit the graves of those she knows, and said: (I love this very much.. She preaches and believes in something that has no emptiness or discussion that death is at any moment).

On the reason behind buying three burials, Fifi Abdo indicated that when her father died, he did not have a place to be buried, and therefore she contacted an association that provided him with a place.

And she added: (The country in which my parents work as an association, and there are cemeteries in which there is no place for Prime Time Zone to have mercy on the dead, sun, blackness and tears).

Accordingly, Fifi decided to buy the burial grounds, although her mother did not welcome it at first, commenting: (I brought my soil and saw it, beautiful and delicious, and made an abode for Leah).

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