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Finally, the Kuwaiti League competitions returned again after stopping due to Corona with bold decisions | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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After stopping for about 15 days due to the outbreak of the Corona virus and its rise in Kuwaiti clubs this season. Then it was decided to resume the league competitions with a new decision by the Kuwaiti Football Association. And return to what the competing teams ended up with before the postponement decision.

The matches that have not yet started are scheduled to return to intense matches between teams in the Premier League. After the appeal decision by the Football Association. Amid strict measures to prevent corona virus. On the next Monday, the twenty-second of February.

And return to the fourth week round matches of strong competitions between Kuwaiti teams in the Premier League again.

Heavy penalty

The Kuwaiti Football Association decided, in a press release on Thursday evening, to impose a penalty for Kuwaiti clubs competing in the Premier League.

He said: “Any club whose fans enter the stadium has only 40 minutes to get them out, stressing that if the club does not do that and its fans do not exit. In that period of time that we decided, the team will be deducted from three points immediately.

Upcoming confrontations

The first matches and competitions in the fourth week of the league will be after the suspension of the Kuwaiti Premier League. Between the Khaitan team and its strong rival, Kazma, which endures a difficult confrontation between both teams after the return.

The match will be at five o’clock five minutes in the evening local time, Kuwait and Makkah Al-Mukarramah “Saudi Arabia”. As well as the countries of Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

The match will also be at four o’clock five minutes in the evening, with the difference in winter time in Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon. The match will be held between the competitors on the floor of the Nasser Al-Osaimi stadium in the Khaitan club, which hosts that confrontation.

The coast and the youth

At the same time, there will be another match between the leaders of the Sahel team in the first five places of the ranking, as for Al Shabab, in the face of excitement and power between both teams. The match will be held between both teams on the ground of “Abdullah Al Khalifa Stadium”. In the Yarmouk Club.

Kuwait in the face of difficult Fahaheel

It will also be a surprise match between both rivals after the resumption and return of the league again. At eight o’clock in the evening. The timing of the State of Kuwait, as well as Mecca “Saudi Arabia”, Bahrain and Qatar.

It will be exactly seven o’clock in the evening, in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine and Jordan local time. This important match will be held in the fourth round of the Premier League. On the floor of the stadium “Abdullah Al Khalifa Stadium” in the Kuwaiti Al-Yarmouk Club.

Matches next Tuesday

The day after the Premier League resumed. The second league standings will face the Kuwaiti victory in a confrontation that will witness strength and competition with the Salmiya team, which seeks to snatch three points from its opposing team and return strongly to the league table.

The match will be held at exactly five o’clock five minutes in the evening Kuwait and Makkah Al-Mukarramah local time. As well as the countries of Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

The match will be at four o’clock until five minutes in the evening Palestine, Egypt and Jordan local time. On the floor of “Thamer” stadium in the opposing guest stadium, Salmiya.

The face of force and excitement is back again

The strong confrontation will be at the top of the fourth week of the Kuwaiti Premier League between the league leaders this season, despite being stopped due to the Corona pandemic sweeping the world. In front of his rival, who is no less strong and competes with the Kuwaiti Qadisiyah team.

Both teams will play on the grounds of “Sabah Al-Salem Stadium” in the stronghold of the guest leader, Al-Arabi Kuwaiti. The match will be at eight o’clock in the evening. The timing of the State of Kuwait, as well as Mecca “Saudi Arabia”, Bahrain and Qatar.

And the time of Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. At exactly seven o’clock in the quarter in a confrontation that cannot be divided into two, and it bears the strong surprise of the fans and fans of both teams in the Kuwaiti Premier League competitions.

Al-Arabi is ranked first in the Kuwaiti Premier League with 7 points. Equal to the Kuwaiti Al-Nasr team by the number of points. Who ranks second from the ranking table.

Al-Qadisiyah team is in third place, one point ahead of the competitors, with 6 points. As well as one point difference, Kuwait Club comes with 5 points. Followed by the Kuwaiti Sahel team. With 4 points, it is in fifth place of the Premier League standings.

The Fahaheel team is equal in sixth place with 4 points. And three points behind the leaders of the Kuwaiti Al Arabi team. While the youth team ranks eighth in the standings with 3 points, after stumbling and losing at the start of the current season.

And in the lowest ranking of the Kuwaiti Premier League table. Kazma and Khaitan, who will face the first confrontation in the fourth week, between the two teams.

In a strong match to rise in the league standings. Where both teams scored one point in the previous rounds before the league competition was suspended due to the Corona pandemic.

Kuwaiti player Khaled Al-Qahtani, 36, tweeted why he had not scored since the beginning of the Premier League season. He said: “The reason for not registering with any club this season is the sore muscles that I have been suffering from for some time.”

Al-Qahtani added, “I leave Kuwait club this season. It was because of Dutch coach Ruud Kroll. ”

Player Khaled Al-Qahtani recently joined the Al-Qadisiyah team. After moving from his former team, Kuwait Club, in the last winter transfer market.

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