Finance Minister: 6 young assistants to the head of the tax authority have been appointed


Abdul Qader: Accurate criteria for nomination and objective tests to pump young blood into leadership positions

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, said that in implementation of the presidential directives to empower women and young Prime Time Zone with competence from leadership positions in various sectors; To help raise the level of performance, 6 young talents have been appointed to the head of the tax authority, including 3 female cadres.

Maait added that the ministry seeks to develop and mechanize the tax system, which aims to strengthen governance, raise the efficiency of tax collection, collect the dues of the state’s public treasury, establish the foundations of tax justice, and integrate the informal economy into the formal economy. In order to effectively contribute to achieving economic goals and meeting the development needs of citizens.

The minister explained that it is the distinguished human cadres that create strong and promising entities, and that major international institutions and global universities are based on sincere human foundations that have been able to build their capabilities and develop their institutions until they are flying in the global sky, stressing his great interest in providing training opportunities to develop the capabilities of workers in the Ministry of Finance and its revenue interests; In order to enable them to perform their duties to the fullest extent in the service of their country.

Rasha Abdel Aal, Khaled Mahmoud, Mohamed Abdel Moneim Kishk, Dr. Mona Abdel Hakim Ragab, Afaf Ibrahim Ismail and Abdel Razek Shawky Abdel Razek, assistants to the head of the Tax Authority, pledged to do their utmost in performing their job duties, and affirmed their keenness to develop their skills and abilities in a sustainable manner. , in a manner consistent with the comprehensive and unprecedented development that the Tax Authority is witnessing.

Reda Abdel Qader, head of the Tax Authority, said that we were keen to select the best qualified cadres to fill the position of assistant head of the tax authority, who possess the elements of leadership and professional management, through precise criteria for nomination, and objective tests for all applicants for this competition; This contributes to injecting new blood from the young cadres in the leading positions in the Tax Authority.

The article, Minister of Finance: The appointment of 6 young assistants to the head of the tax authority was written in Al Borsa newspaper.