“Finance” requires importers to pre-register incoming shipments from abroad next July


Maait: The gradual implementation of any new electronic system to make it easier for dealers

Ghatouri: The lesson in the history of shipping from abroad in the start of the mandatory implementation of the “ACI” system

Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance, said that importers have started the procedures for joining the system of pre-registration of shipments.ACI»In the seaports since the start of the trial operation phase on the first of last April, which ends at the end of next June; Then the mandatory implementation will start from the first of July 2021 in the sea ports.

Maait indicated that the Ministry is keen on the gradual implementation of any new electronic system. In order to facilitate those dealing with it, so that they can register with it, in a manner that ensures the accuracy of its implementation, and the achievement of the targets.

The minister reviewed the executive position of the trial operation of the system of pre-registration of shipments «ACI» in the sea ports, directing the sustainability of the fruitful cooperation between the Customs Authority and the Egyptian Company for Electronic Commerce Technology (MTS) in the accurate application of this advanced system, and a positive immediate response to any challenges that may emerge during the pilot phase Before moving to the mandatory implementation of this system; As one of the tributaries of the national project to modernize and automate the customs administration system, and lead to strengthening supervisory governance.

Dr. Shahat Ghatwari, chief Customs DepartmentIn a new “Instructions Circular”, the lesson on the history of shipping from abroad to Egypt is the compulsory implementation of the system of pre-registration of shipments “ACI” in the seaports scheduled for the first of next July; Based on the fact that this system is based on registering the shipment identification number “ACID” before it is shipped from abroad.

He explained that the “ACI” system eliminates the phenomenon of “alcohol”, that unknown person who is the culprit in cases of goods of unknown origin, or those prohibited from entering the country, and violating and criminal shipments; In a way that contributes to protecting the Egyptian borders from any dangerous, harmful or prohibited materials, as it assesses the initial risks of the elements of the shipment, then fulfills the import and control restrictions required in accordance with the appendices of the integrated customs tariff to verify the validity of importing the item.

He pointed out that this advanced system also helps reduce the customs release time, by allowing it to exchange information and documents for shipments electronically between the electronic platform “window” and the supervisory points of view, and the transfer of customs ports from places of storage and accumulation of goods to gates for transit, so that all procedures are completed. For shipments received at sea ports before their arrival.

The article “Finance” obliges importers to pre-register shipments coming from abroad next July, it was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.