Financial service providers reveal how digital transactions have grown in their activities


Mohamed Wehbe: 1.25 million daily transactions made through Aman network

Hazem Maghazi: 3.5 million clients of “Aman Microfinance” .. We reached 50% of them online

Walid Hassouna: We aim to reach 250 thousand Valeo customers per month in 2022, compared to 70 thousand currently

Mohamed Wehbe, CEO of Aman for Electronic Payments Solutions, said during the Digital Transformation and the Future of E-Commerce Symposium at the Edge Center, that Aman is working to encourage the state’s plan for digital transformation, financial inclusion, transformation into a cashless society and reducing dependence on cash by providing more than 700 electronic payment services. Through its network of more than 120 thousand merchants.

He added: “We are now working on providing a number of government services and cooperating with the state in Egypt’s digital projects, such as collecting prepaid and postpaid water bills through cooperation with the Khalis network for government payments affiliated with the e-finance operating technology company, and the volume of daily operations on the network has reached Aman for payments to one million and 250 thousand transactions.

He stated that the number of merchants who have the ability to accept cards and electronic wallets on a safety net has reached 60,000, of whom 2,000 are conducting actual transactions, and the company plans to reach 25,000 by the end of 2021.

Hazem Maghazi, CEO of Aman Financial Services and Microfinance, said that digital transformation has become a way of life in all sectors, and that 50% of the 3.5 million clients the company reached through the Internet.
He added: “Aman Company for Financial Services and Microfinance supports microfinance services through the Agricultural Bank to serve 9 million farmers in Egypt, with the aim of narrowing the gap between the seller and buyer in this sector, and facilitating payment processes.
The company also aims to inject financing for installment services during the current year at a value of 1.2 billion pounds, an increase of 700 million pounds over last year, and it is available in 220 headquarters in 23 governorates.
Walid Hassouna, CEO of the non-bank finance sector at EFG Hermes, said: “We are trying to help the citizen to use digitization, and there are 420,000 customers in Tanmia who have obtained financing, but there are still 70% of transactions that occur in cash, and we focused in Value on providing financial services to the youth sector and we started Providing funds for this sector, and the number of university students has been limited, and we recently introduced the “Value with you” product to enable the youth sector to obtain appropriate funds for school expenses or any other needs.
He added that Valeo seeks to provide non-bank financial services by working to provide installments of large sizes without interest, whether electrical devices, school expenses, and high-value medical services, and the number of beneficiaries of the “Value” platform has reached about 100,000 customers, and there are About 70,000 customers use the “Value” platform every month, and we aim to reach 250,000 customers by the end of next 2022.

Value also launched the online shopping platform “Shop’it”, which allows its customers to purchase their products from a group of stores contracted with the company and pay in convenient installments of up to 60 months, in addition to facilitating access to many products of different categories through an electronic platform. one.

Written by: Yousra Mahmoud

The article Financial Service Providers Reveal How Digital Transactions Grown Their Activities was written in Al Borsa Newspaper.