Flatsix Labs Funds 1,000 Startups Over 10 Years


Yesterday, Flat6Labs, a startup financing company, celebrated its 10th anniversary.

FlatSix Labs is an active seed and early-stage venture capital firm in the Middle East and North Africa. The company has managed a number of startup launch programs in the region. The company was launched from Cairo in 2011 by the founders of Sawari Ventures Fund, and the company’s activities have since expanded to include Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Tunisia, Lebanon, Bahrain and recently Jordan. It currently manages 8 seed funds across the Middle East and North Africa with a total value of $85 million, in association with more than 25 institutional investors and joint venture partners.

According to a company statement, Ramez El-Serafy, CEO of the company, said, “Since its inception, Flat6Labs has enabled thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their startups’ journey to growth and success, by giving them an unparalleled opportunity to work with a vast network of hundreds of business mentors, investors and companies.” .

The company said in its statement that during a decade it had financed more than 1,000 startups, selected from more than 23,000 funding requests, and supported more than 2,000 founders, 36% of whom were women.

She added that her regional network includes more than 1,000 business mentors and coaches from around the world, and more than 300 corporate partners, government partners, and start-ups. To date, Flat6Labs portfolio companies have raised more than $70 million in supplemental funding, and the company has directly helped create more than 4,000 new jobs.

The article “Flat Six Labs” funded a thousand start-ups in 10 years was written in Al Borsa newspaper.