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British-Moroccan relations have gone beyond trade agreements, to meet on political interests, which may come as a surprise to some international parties on Western Sahara, the newspaper reported.Atlayar” Spanish.

The Spanish newspaper highlighted the rapprochement of Moroccan-British relations, after the United States, as the first superpower, recognized Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, in the context of paving the way for the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco.

In turn, this recognition led to the United States establishing active cooperative relations with Morocco, as well as strengthening political alliances between them.

The magazine confirmed in its report, which was translated by “Watan” newspaper, that former President Donald Trump, during his tenure on Twitter, confirmed that Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco had agreed to establish full diplomatic relations, which is an important progress for the peace plan in the Middle East.

Does the United Kingdom recognize Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara?

In a related context, analysts point out that the United Kingdom, which is following in the footsteps of the United States of America, could soon recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

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This comes after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed trade, political and military agreements with King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

In addition, these alliances will open the doors for the United Kingdom, to become the next world power, to open a consulate in Western Sahara, after the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, in 2019, London agreed to maintain the trade partnership between Morocco and the European Union, after the decision to leave the European Union entered into force.

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In Rabat, a treaty was agreed upon, enabling the British market to access all products coming from Western Sahara, such as fishing and agricultural products and phosphates.

It should be noted that, after the state-run BBC, in conjunction with the British National Statistics Agency, updated the map of Morocco, where the line separating the Kingdom and the Sahara was officially abolished, it turned out that there is a high probability, that the United Kingdom will officially recognize Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara Western,. This measure was announced by the Moroccan media.

The significance of the new mapping is that these British institutions carry significant weight both inside and outside the United Kingdom. Besides, it is mentioned that since the British exit from the European Union, the United Kingdom continues to work to strengthen its trade and economic relations with Morocco, a country that has maintained its centrality as the first exporter of agricultural products destined for the European Union, by launching the first marine line.

British Ambassador to Rabat Simon Martin

According to the British ambassador in Rabat, Simon Martin, Morocco and England announced last August that they would conduct joint military exercises next October in the presence of the British aircraft carrier “Queen Elizabeth”.

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In this regard, the British ambassador said, “We have strategic plans based on the export of the most important main products to Morocco, such as refined oil, gas, cars and aircraft spare parts, and other products. On the other hand, the United Kingdom supplies from Morocco, agricultural and agricultural products of high quality.

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“This is how we have very integrated and balanced economies. With this agreement, we have built a structure to identify the most important sectors, to change the rules, and the terms of our economic relationship, in order to maximize opportunities for Moroccan investors, in the UK and vice versa.

Some sources indicated that the United Kingdom will be the fifteenth country to open its general consulate, after the United Arab Emirates opened its consulate in the city of Al Ain, capital of Western Sahara, in 2020. With this political shift, Morocco showed its efforts to ensure that countries maintain Morocco’s partner, especially those belonging to sub-Saharan Africa, has a stable relationship with the Kingdom, not only on the diplomatic level, but also on the political level.

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