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Qatar’s Foreign Minister, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, issued a statement that is considered the first of its kind since the head of the Egyptian regime, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, took power in Egypt.

Qatar’s Foreign Minister: Egypt is one of the major countries in the region

Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani said that his country believes that Egypt is one of the major countries in the region and plays a leading role in regional files.

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar added in a television interview, “Our relationship with Egypt has gone through many stages of tension, but there was a minimum level of relationship maintained even in the crisis stage, whether in terms of not touching Qatari investments or facilitating the stay of Qatari students in Egypt, and this was appreciated by Qatar.” .

He continued, “When the page of the dispute with the Gulf and Egypt was closed, Qatar looked forward to joint work with Egypt, and we do not have many pending files with Cairo, and there is positive progress in the work of the bilateral committees that meet in the two countries, and there is a welcome by both parties for this progress, and the last visit came to strengthen the relationship.” Bilateralism in the post-conflict phase.

Sisi represents the elected legitimacy

Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood’s file, the minister said: “This file has not been raised to my knowledge and according to what has been done in the work of the bilateral committees, and as I said the contentious points are points that we think can be addressed, and today we in Egypt are working with the government, which is the legitimate government that was elected.” .

He said that Qatar is not a political party and does not deal with a political party because it is in power, adding, “We only deal with governments as long as the person is elected by his Prime Time Zone and the political party is the one that rules the state. Qatar will deal with the party in this context, and the parties are the work of political parties. Not the states, and we in Qatar do not have political parties, and we deal with states and respect the institutions in the Egyptian government.”

He stressed that “the meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi was very positive, and we appreciate his reception, and we found a brotherly spirit on his part, and there were phone calls between His Highness the Emir of the country and the Egyptian President, whether in the month of Ramadan or Eid Al-Fitr, and these are positive steps that we see that the construction is taking place.” on her”.

The Qatari foreign minister met a few days ago with his Egyptian counterpart to discuss developments in Palestine following the Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.

Saleh Gharib, a Qatari writer and journalist, said that Doha has already contributed to bringing peace to Africa and Sudan in particular.

Saleh Gharib: Qatar will not abandon Egypt

Gharib continued, commenting on the current Qatari foreign minister’s visit to Egypt, which comes for the first time in five years and after the end of the crisis between the two countries, that Qatar will not abandon Egypt in addressing the Renaissance Dam crisis.

He stressed, “Of course, Qatar will present positions that support Egypt because of its international weight and its ability to complete the Renaissance Dam negotiations, and therefore Qatar will certainly stand with Egypt and Sudan in the face of all dangers.”

In addition, the Qatari media confirmed that “the Qatari-Egyptian relations are now in continuous improvement, especially after the recent measures taken by the two parties, which dealt with what happened during the so-called Gulf crisis.”

Gharib explained that “Egypt leads many large files in the Arab world, and recently what happened in Gaza, the coordination between Cairo and Doha played a major role.”

Obstacle files to start the dialogue between the two parties

He explained, “But currently, the files that obstructed the start of a dialogue between the two parties have been broken, and it has become a matter of developing relations and projects related to Qatar and Egypt, which existed before 2017 and stopped after.”

The Qatari writer also confirmed that “the recent statement of the foreign ministers of Russia, Qatar and Turkey indicates that there has been an Arab consensus regarding Syria, but there are pending files in the Libya issue, and work is underway to agree on all files.”

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