Foreign sales lead the stock market down 0.7% in early trading


The main index of the Egyptian Stock Exchange, EGX30, decreased by 0.69% at the beginning of today’s trading session, to reach the level of 10576 points, and the EGX50 index of equal weights decreased by 0.3% to reach the level of 2347.4 points.

The EGX70 EWI index of medium shares decreased by 0.24% to reach the level of 2785.7 points, and the broader EGX100 EWI index decreased by 0.28% to reach the level of 3738.1 points.

The market recorded trading values ​​of 136.7 million pounds, through the circulation of 57.7 million shares, by implementing 6.1 thousand buying and selling operations, after trading on the shares of 154 restricted companies, 24 of which rose, 33 of them declined, while the prices of 97 other shares did not change. The market capitalization of the stock exchange during the session reached 709 billion pounds.

The net transactions of Egyptians and foreigners tended to sell, recording one million pounds and 10.7 million pounds, respectively, with an acquisition rate of 87%, and 6.3% of buying and selling transactions on shares, while the net transactions of Arabs alone tended to buy, recording 11.7 million pounds. With an acquisition rate of 6.7% of the trades.

The declines came under pressure from foreign institutions’ sales, which recorded net sales of 10.7 million pounds at the beginning of trading, and Egyptian individuals recorded net sales of 2.75 million pounds.

The article Foreign sales leads the stock exchange to decline 0.7% in the beginning of trading, it was written in the stock exchange newspaper.