Found dead babies and children swept away by the waves of the beaches in Libya … “Watch” the shocking photos A nation is tweeting out of tune


Yesterday, Thursday, the Libyan authorities found on their shores the bodies of at least six Prime Time Zone, including babies, children and a woman who were thrown ashore while trying to migrate to Europe by sea.

Illegal immigration in Libya

The horrific pictures of children’s corpses, according to what was monitored by “Watan”, which were swept away by the waves on the Libyan beaches, brought to mind the image of the Syrian child, “Aylan Al-Kurdi,” which shook the world several years ago.

This scene, which is repeated for the second time, comes at a time when attempts to illegal immigration to Europe via the Mediterranean continue.

The bodies of migrants, including infants and children, were found in Libya

In the context, the police command of the city of Zuwara, in western Libya, said that the bodies belonged to irregular migrants of unidentified foreign nationalities, who sailed through inflatable boats in the Mediterranean.

She explained that the search of the 90-kilometer coast is continuing, indicating that other bodies could be found in the area.

According to United Nations figures, at least 632 irregular migrants drowned in marine accidents in the Mediterranean this year.

For its part, the United Nations held European Union countries responsible for the deaths of these migrants, due to their implementation of a policy of pushing back and deporting migrants, not answering emergency calls, and disrupting rescue efforts.

The bodies stayed for days on the beach

The founder of the non-governmental organization “Open Arms”, Oscar Campes, said in a tweet on Twitter that the bodies remained on the beach for more than three days, without being recovered.

One of the photos shows the body of a child lying on the beach, and the other of a child, perhaps 3 or 4 years old, also lying on the sand with his stomach swollen.

Both small bodies also appear to be partially covered in sand, indicating that they were left on the beach for some time.

The child’s face appears to be half-buried in the sand, and there was a third image, apparently of a woman, also dead on the beach, covered with a sheet.

It is believed that the children were victims of one of the ships full of migrants and refugees trying to reach Italy or Malta from the Libyan coast, but their names and nationalities were not known, according to the newspaper.

The Italian journalist and expert on Libyan affairs, Nancy Burcia, said that the bodies were found on a beach in Zuwara on Saturday, according to the British newspaper, The Guardian.

Ilan Kurdi

It is worth noting that the Syrian child “Ilan” died when the boat that was carrying his family sank trying to reach Greece, and his brother Ghaleb and their mother also died, while their father Abdullah survived from drowning.

The image of the corpse of “Ilan”, which was blown by the sea on a beach in Bodrum town in the state of Mugla, aroused a wave of sympathy with Syrian refugees all over the world.

Earlier last year, the Turkish authorities arrested 4 Syrians suspected of being involved in organizing the trip, which ended with the drowning of 12 irregular migrants, including the child Ilan, after the boat that was carrying them sank.

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