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News spread on social networking sites in Saudi Arabia that the activist and famous social media site Fouz Al-Otaibi, divorced from her husband Ahmed Al-Mousa, which caused widespread controversy.

Which prompted Fouz Al-Otaibi to break her silence and reveal the truth about these rumors circulating.

In this context, Fouz expressed her annoyance at this news, as she was informed by a follow-up through her account in the “Snapchat” application, and she said to her: “The victory of my love, coming down to the store Snape, the news of your divorce from your husband.”

My story Fouz Al-Otaibi

Al-Otaibi’s victory immediately responded, describing those who spread and spread this rumor as “idiots”.

She said: “Since the day I got married, newspapers and stupid Prime Time Zone have always been rumors about our divorce.”

Al-Otaibi and Ahmed Al-Mousa won

It is noteworthy that Fouz Al-Otaibi announced her marriage to Ahmed Al-Mousa two years ago.

This and the famous Saudi networking sites followed in her response: “I don’t know, why do they see their tricks in bad optimism… The problem is that they know that Ahmed died a death because he is related to me, but they meditate on the empty.”

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Al-Otaibi had celebrated a month ago the second anniversary of her marriage to Ahmed Al-Mousa, despite the controversy during that period due to the controversial behavior of the couple.

Al-Otaibi’s celebration came at the time by publishing a video clip, through her account in the “Snapchat” application, of the plane that she took home in the “Qassim” region to write the contract.

Fouz Al-Otaibi commented, “To celebrate the two-year anniversary of our association… the plane in which I went to our home in Al-Qassim to write the contract.”

Saudi Arabia Al-Otaibi’s victory

Al-Otaibi surprised the public, too, by publishing new information about her father’s position on the conditions she had set in her marriage contract, coinciding with the two-year anniversary.

Fouz said that she is responding with this information to those who have spoken on Twitter so far about her terms.

She added that when her father brought the book to her to sign the contract, he left her at her freedom, saying: “Write what appears.”

Al-Otaibi added that she set her conditions and her father agreed to them.

And when her husband “Ahmed” accepted her, her father was happy, concluding: “Barclay and rest because he was sure that Ahmed shared me.”

The terms of Al-Otaibi’s marriage, in her marriage contract document, included a compensation of half a million riyals in the event of a divorce by her husband against her will.

In addition to obtaining a maid, and not marrying another, as these conditions, when the public learned about them earlier, sparked a storm of controversy on social networking sites.

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