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Does secularism negate a person’s faith without the concepts of freedom, and does liberalism, democracy and secularism express positivity because they are against extremism and the protest that radical and fundamentalist extremist movements are promoting against them!! It just means not understanding.

There are examples that occurred in the Arab and Islamic world, for example, what happened in Algeria after the elections at the end of the nineties of the last century, critics say that secularism in Algeria rejected Islam and this is wrong. Secularism has a sin in that, and the matter happened in many Islamic and Arab countries.

Fear of freedom

Fear of freedom and this controversy witnessed in the countries of the Arab Spring, and you find those who cry over dictatorship and have mercy on a former dictator, even though he does not know or understand the meaning of freedom. The other, whatever the ideological or ideological difference, and there is the secularism of the person does not deny his faith, as what happened after the period after the Second World War from Arab countries that took the socialist system.

Everyone who believed in the socialist system became an atheist, and in their view all nationalists, socialists and the left became atheists. Therefore, the slogan of war on atheism was raised at the beginning of the war in Afghanistan with the Soviets.

A person’s Islam does not negate the curse of his dictatorship, and this classification applies to most Arab rulers, and some Islamists demand freedom of elections, candidacy and the transfer of power, even though their programs sometimes clash with the constitutions of the country in which they live and do not believe in the other.

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In the end, democracy or freedom, which some of us fear, is in the public interest, no matter how much they oppose it.

Despite my personal knowledge and I have been living in the West for many years? My freedom ends at my feet, my religious freedom was much more protected within the mother country.

We have not heard that a man stood in a mosque imposing his opinion on the worshipers, as happens in most mosques in Egypt. Chaos has become a phenomenon that is decided in control. The control is who establishes prayer, who calls for prayer, and who opens the microphone.

We still need to respect each other’s culture difference!!

Written by: Mohamed Saad Abdel Latif. Egypt

Egyptian writer and researcher in geopolitics

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