“General Petroleum”: Starting production from a new field at a rate of 15 million cubic feet of gas per day


The General Petroleum Company revealed that the “Bahar Northwest” gas field has been put on production at an initial rate of 15 million cubic feet of gas per day, in addition to the high production rates to unprecedented numbers, as the company’s current production is about 74,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day as a result of Intensifying research and prospecting activities beside developing fields and improving their performance.

This came during an inspection tour by Engineer Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, touring a number of petroleum projects in the Gulf of Suez and Ras Ghareb regions in the Red Sea, which included new production facilities for GUPCO and General Petroleum to follow up work programs and development plans to increase production rates and support the volume of oil and gas reserves.

In a statement today, Saturday, El-Molla stressed the importance of continuing to support the oil sector production companies in order to continue increasing production from existing fields, making new discoveries, working to reduce production costs and expanding the use of modern technologies and techniques in the fields of research, exploration, development and productivity of wells, which leads to improving Efficiency of the production process.

Al-Mulla directed to exploit the available capabilities in light of the rise in international oil prices to intensify the work of research, exploration, development and production of oil and gas, while following the procedures of occupational safety and health and preserving the environment through coordination with the Environmental Affairs Agency.

For his part, Eng. Nabil Abdel Sadiq, President of the General Petroleum Corporation, presented the company’s ongoing projects to increase and support the company’s production of crude oil and natural gas, the most important of which is the project to convert the Al-Hamad station into an integrated and environmentally compatible treatment plant to process 50 thousand barrels per day and absorb the expected increase, which is being implemented by two companies, Enppi. And Petrojet.

As well as the project of establishing early production facilities and extending marine lines to the fields southeast of Al-Hamad, HH2 and GG2 in the Gulf of Suez area in the Eastern Desert.

The head of the company added that the construction of a gas pipeline in the Western Desert with an expected production of 15 million cubic feet of gas per day has been started, as well as the construction of the 170 km Abu Sinan-Hamra shipping line, in addition to the construction of an industrial sewage treatment plant to reach full compliance with the Environmental Protection Law.

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The article “General Petroleum”: The start of production from a new field at a rate of 15 million cubic feet of gas per day was written in Al Borsa newspaper.