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Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of the Portuguese national football team, shared with her followers a new set of photos from her summer vacation vacation.

Georgina Rodriguez documented, through her official account on (Instagram), the most romantic moments that she collected with her friend Ronaldo on the yacht, during sunset, and they appeared exchanging kisses and hugs.

Georgina commented on the pictures, saying: (I love you at sea).

Georgina is diving

While Ronaldo posted only one picture of the same moments, through his account on (Instagram), and commented: (My love).

Georgina Rodriguez caused a sensation by publishing a bold video while diving in the sea water next to the yacht.

Georgina Rodriguez continues to create a stir with her summer vacation photos, one of which appeared in a sexy brown bikini, sitting on a yacht with Cristiano and their four children.

Georgina commented on the pictures: (a lot of love).

She also appeared in other photos through her account on (Instagram) in the same bikini, while she was driving (Jet Sky) by herself in the middle of the sea, and attached her to a heart emoji only.

A semi-nude look for an Italian magazine مجلة

Georgina Rodriguez, 27, does not stop stirring controversy with her photos through her own account on social media.

The Argentine-born Spanish model has also become the talk of the Spanish and Italian media agencies in recent times. In her bold and scandalous images at the same time.

Georgina Rodriguez appeared almost nude on the cover of the Italian sportsweek magazine, in an exclusive interview in which she talked about her life, her children, her passion for the sea, her relationship with sports, and other matters.


Georgina Rodriguez republished the cover photo of the magazine through her account on (Instagram), in which she appeared in a black bikini, and commented: (Sportweek cover).

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Georgina’s photo, which she published, ignoring the difficult time her lover Cristiano Ronaldo was going through at the time, gained more than one million and 700 thousand likes.

take the chance

Days before that, Georgina Rodriguez appeared on the cover of (InStyle) magazine in its Spanish version completely naked, while hiding the sensitive areas with a large bag of the international brand (Gucci).

Georgina Rodriguez republished the photos through her official account on the (Instagram) application, and commented: (Take the opportunity).

The photo gained more than 2 million and 700 thousand likes on its page, which is followed by more than 23 million and 700 thousand Prime Time Zone.

(does not cook)

Ronaldo’s girlfriend (Georgina) said in an interview with the Italian weekly “Sportweek” earlier, saying: (Cristiano is an excellent father and I could not dream of having a better partner, but he does not cook. After a day full of training and exercises).

And as Ronaldo’s friend added, “He deserves a great meal prepared with love and care, although we have a chef, I do dinner sometimes.”

Gorgia explained that the Portuguese Don Ronaldo cannot change the light bulb, adding: (It is an impossible task due to the high ceiling inside the house, and if I were Cristiano, with a question, would you change the bulb at a height of 20 feet from the ground?).

She continued, “It is better that he not do these things. He has to take care of himself to be in his best condition and I will take care of the rest, I make sure everything is OK, and I like to take care of my family.”

Georgina and Yasmine Sabry war

The pictures of Georgina on the beach coincided with the exposure of the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, to criticism and attack after appearing in a short classic dress in black while spending her summer vacation in Italy.

Yasmine again faced comments accusing her of imitating Georgina, such as: (Georgina is happy with you), (sweeter than Georgina), (You will not become Georgina).

A few days ago, Yasmine Sabry fell into an embarrassing situation when an undocumented account named Georgina published pictures of them accusing the Spanish model, Yasmine, of imitating her.

The page bearing the name of Georgina Rodriguez said in the message (Be yourself, not me), and the newspaper referred to the publication on the official page of the artist, Yasmine Sabry.

For its part, a page documented with the blue tick on Facebook, in the name of Yasmine Sabry, responded to Georgina’s fake post: (I do not compete with anyone).

However, Yasmine Sabry tweeted from her verified account via (Twitter) and denied that the (Facebook) account that bears her name is affiliated with her.

And Yasmine wrote in her tweet: (I do not have any accounts on Facebook and the account is forged and I will close it. It is impossible to talk like this with or to anyone).

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