Ghada Aoun … a Lebanese judge who is rebelling to fight corruption and the corrupt, and is causing a sensation in Lebanon A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Public Prosecutor of Appeal in Lebanon, Ghada Aoun, ignited the country. After a judicial rebellion, she was the heroine of it, in light of its efforts to open large corruption files in Mount Lebanon.

Judicial insurrection

Judge Aoun refused to obey the decision of the discriminatory Public Prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, who ceased her hand from a number of files. In the scope of her work, which are drug crimes, murders, and financial files that Aoun has been focusing on recently.

The revolutionaries support Ghada Aoun

The pioneers of social networking sites launched a hashtag in the name of the judge, calling for her to continue her work. Others called. To be promoted to the position of Lebanese Minister of Justice.

Historical precedent

Judge Aoun, in a previous precedent, personally went to the building of the “Maktif” exchange company, requesting information on financial transfers.

This came within the framework of the ongoing investigation into the smuggling of money outside the country, which took place between 2019 and 2020.

“Maktif” is considered one of the largest exchange companies in Lebanon, and it provides money transfer services to and from Lebanon.

The Public Prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, issued a decision, on Friday morning, to amend the decision on the distribution of work. The Public Prosecution Office of the Appeal in Mount Lebanon limited it to three lawyers for two years only.

This came, without the decision noticing the name of the Appeal Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, and two other judges. The Disciplinary Board of Judges has already suspended their work.

Supreme Judicial Council

Oweidat’s decision comes after a request by the Supreme Judicial Council from him and the head of the Judicial Inspection Authority, Judge Borkan Saad. Taking measures against Judge Aoun, within the jurisdiction of each of them.

Judge Aoun was invited to appear before the Council to hear her, against the background of multiple complaints lodged against her related to files. Several within the scope of its judicial work and in violation of circulars issued by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Cassation, and other behavioral issues. Stuck before a judicial inspection, the order gave the decision a disciplinary dimension and form.

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In the decision, Oweidat stressed the need to refer the files on unpopular crimes to the three judges from the public defenders. Those to whom he limited his duties, specifying in his decision the other crimes that each of the three judges shall consider. Provided that the cassation public prosecutor is informed of serious crimes, and that all security agencies are required to be asked. Which constitutes the judicial control to abide by this decision.

However, this decision did not prevent Judge Aoun from going with her companions and members of State Security to the offices of the “Maktaf” exchange company in the Awkar area. To conduct its investigations and obtain financial transfer data that it considers helpful evidence. In the investigation raised about the issue of smuggling money from Lebanon before the financial collapse in the country.

Aoun was also accompanied by a group of activists from the “United” group that had previously reported on money smuggling abroad.

Judicial confusion

This judicial confusion was reflected in the security services’ handling of the juvenile, while the state security apparatus escorted the judge to the site. He returned and its members abstained from the task of forcing employees to hand over financial statements due to the lack of authority. From the hand of Judge Aoun.

While the agency continued to provide protection to the judge during her presence in the company’s offices. A video clip of Judge Aoun has also spread. She asks for support from a security agency and assures the other party to call by saying, “Come and I will cover you.”

Violent verbal altercations took place between the company’s lawyer and Judge Aoun, which lasted for hours.

He witnessed the presence of a medical team of two nuns at the scene to check on the judge Aoun after high blood pressure suffered by her.

Aoun insisted on pursuing her investigations, opening records, and confiscating files from the company, while the company’s lawyers saw its step. In violation of the law and the judicial decision that isolated her from the file.

Aoun: I was not informed of the decision

On the other hand, it was reported that Aoun was not informed of the decision, did not accept its implementation, and considered it illegal, confirming more than once that it was. “Do not care about him, and will continue her work even if she is forced to sleep in the company.”

Aoun’s move caused a sensation in the Lebanese public opinion, and reflected on social media a great division between Aoun’s supporters. Most of them are supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement.

They believe that the decision to dismiss Aoun. It is an attempt to prevent detection of the corrupt and those involved in manipulating the dollar and smuggling money out of Lebanon.

Among its opponents, who see in its move an illegal display, and see it as a “judicial arm of one political group against another.” On the grounds that Aoun is affiliated with the team of the Lebanese President Michel Aoun and his political movement.

Lebanese calls

The calls were spread on social media, especially by the supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement and the “United” group. To go to the front of the company building in solidarity with Judge Aoun and to support her in her steps, and he has actually attended. Dozens of Prime Time Zone who launched slogans of support and support outside the company.

After 7 hours of taking and responding, Aoun left the company’s offices, accompanied by regular escorts from the Army and State Security Intelligence. And in the presence of Lebanese army elements abroad. Where she went to the solidarity activists outside with brief words from the balcony of the rakka and asked them to go to rest in their homes.

She emphasized that “we will follow the mission until the end, we are with the Prime Time Zone and with the right, and I believe that the relevant institution will cooperate.” Announcing the corporation’s seal with red wax.

Ghada Aoun refuses to comment

Aoun refused to comment during her departure on the journalists’ questions, especially about the issue of Judge Oweidat’s dismissal from her duties. And accusing her of breaking the law in her last step.

She confirmed that she would speak about this file at another time.

In the context, judicial sources expressed their deep fear of the repercussions of this incident on the image, prestige and independence of the judiciary.

It considered that underestimating the law and politicizing it and using the judiciary in the context of messages of political maliciousness threatens the only body. Who relies on him for accountability and combating corruption in the country and smashes his image in front of the citizens and gives an opportunity for. Everyone who seeks legal anarchy and his security successor in the country.

In this context, the Information Office of the Minister of Justice in the caretaker government, Marie-Claude Najm, issued a statement. The President of the Supreme Judicial Council, the President of the Judicial Inspection Authority, and the Public Prosecutor for Cassation call an emergency meeting on Saturday. “In view of the state of the judicial situation in recent times, which led to undermining the image and reputation of the judiciary.” Describing what happened as rejected for any reason whatsoever.

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